Sunday, December 21

Christmas baking Traditions

I posted a picture of my Grandmother Artie Mae Miner's Almond Roca on Facebook the other day and lots of friends asked for the recipe. It is super good and pretty easy, Artie made this every year for as long as I can remember. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. - Brooke

Christmas Tradition Almond Roca ;)

Sunday, January 31

p 365 January finished

Loved playing with Kaylie and watching her frost cupcakes, she is growing and changing like crazy! BareRoot Trees are in at the nursery which means SPRING is almost here!

This was a really great end to a busy month!

Well 31 days into 2010 and so far so good in keeping up! Now to see how I do as the Spring Season blooms into full gear :)

Wednesday, January 27

P 365 Jan 17-23

I have decided that if I plan on keeping up I have to keep my layouts very simple. This seems to be working for me :) We actually went to another movie, WOW we are on a roll! lol Our usual Wednesday night routine of shopping at Costco for the week and remembering Sammy Boy, we will all miss him.

Kaylie in creative mode with Mrs Potato head and being my helper/taster making cupcakes. Plus a bit of snow after all our crazy wind and the HUGE dent it put in our big cold frame!!
Credits - Everything Weeds and Wildflowers

Tuesday, January 19

P 365 2010 Version

This is the 1st few layouts for 2010 P365 The View from the deck, I think I will do a title page each month to show the changes in Seasons, January the theme is Fog or Wind. Seems like we either have crazy hurricane wind or are fogged in.
Spending time with Friends, Laurie and her family for Breakfast on the 1st and Wine tasting with David and Julie on the 2nd :)

The movie Avatar, simply put was AMAZING we actually saw it for the 1st time with Rocky and Barb in Bend. We loved it so much we decided to see it again with David and Julie.

Kaylie weekend, love the time we get to spend with that little monkey!

I finally gave Dad is Birthday present, almost 2 weeks later! lol

Finally some play time with Amber!

Credits on the layouts Everything by Weeds and Wildflowers except for the acrylic circle and that is Haynay designs.

Saturday, December 19


Oh MY GOSH! This stuff is soooo good! Cinnamon pecan Carmel corn and it is soooo good! Super easy and pretty quick to make.

The recipe is from Our Best Bites which is one of my new favorite sites!!

Just one of the Christmas Goodies I am working on :)

Saturday, December 5


Kaylie is totally into Tinkerbell, she tunes everything else out while watching this (for a minute or two anyway!) Lol As you can see we started getting out some Christmas decorations. It was so much fun this year to have the Little Missy as my helper! She LOVES Papa's footstool and it helps keep her from sitting any closer to the TV!

Here it is December and I am just now posting things from October! lol I just can't seem to keep up with everything, Oh well, at least I am enjoying each day :)

Wednesday, October 28

Tutu Girl

I am finally getting the photos of Kaylie in her little Red Tutu and yes she loves it! lol Check out the red boots! lol
I made her a tutu to go with her Tinker Bell costume and I will post those after halloween!