Saturday, December 19


Oh MY GOSH! This stuff is soooo good! Cinnamon pecan Carmel corn and it is soooo good! Super easy and pretty quick to make.

The recipe is from Our Best Bites which is one of my new favorite sites!!

Just one of the Christmas Goodies I am working on :)

Saturday, December 5


Kaylie is totally into Tinkerbell, she tunes everything else out while watching this (for a minute or two anyway!) Lol As you can see we started getting out some Christmas decorations. It was so much fun this year to have the Little Missy as my helper! She LOVES Papa's footstool and it helps keep her from sitting any closer to the TV!

Here it is December and I am just now posting things from October! lol I just can't seem to keep up with everything, Oh well, at least I am enjoying each day :)