Friday, March 30


Love that she is so darn
determined to
get to whatever
it is she wants,
you can just see the
concentration on her face.

She starts out up on her knees
but soon moves to the more
mastered arm-pull-scoot!

And the
have it!

Then the
But I just wanted one more photo!

Can't you just see the
success in her
face in this photo!
To me it looks like 'Ah Ha! I got it and I
am sooo gonna chew on it now'!

Or 'I am so good did you see me just crawl over here to get this great little piggy chewy thing'!

Thursday, March 29

The Meeting!

Updated to say THANK YOU to Jolie Molino for making the chipboard Alpha for me!! It is just what was needed!! THANK YOU!! WOO HOO

Oh Yippee! The weather has turned beautiful again, and I am ever so happy!! Woo Hoo, Gosh I just love blue sky and sunshine it sure makes this girl happy.

I did this layout yesterday and need to find the right chipboard letters to go with it, I want it to say LOVE where the arrow is pointing.

The journaling reads:
Kaylie's 1st meeting with Fleeta, looks like love at 1st site! Fleeta was interested in the hay Justin is holding and so was Kaylie. Before we know it Kaylie will be out riding, Or under the horses like her Aunt Jenn was! With both Daddy and Mommy loving horses it is sure to be in Kaylie's blood.

Template is by: Jolie Molino:
Chipboard Alpha by Jolie Molino too!

Kit is 'La Chicka' by: Jomi van Bekkum over at Digi Chick:

Journaling Font is KGD Julie Script by: Kimberly Geswein

Date Font is: LB Sandbox

I have to say a HUGE 'THANK YOU 'to Shabby Miss Jenn, I was having a H-E Double Toothpick time of it getting my layout to post, She so nicely answered my cry for help! I am such a huge dorko, I forgot to re-size the layout so it was majorly Jinormus! Thanks for saving the last of my dwindling supply of brain cells Jenn!

Wednesday, March 28

Helicopter Landing Pad

So have you ever lived next to a Helicopter landing pad? Well if you look at yesterdays photo of our view closely you will see little white poles sticking up in the Orchards. Yep those are the wind machines they use to help circulate the air when the trees are budding and we get a cold snap. They sound like a squad of helicopters flying all night, you have to remember this is our 1st Spring in our house so we are no totally used to all the different noises. :) Once you realize what it is then it is not so bad, it's actually a pretty cool way to help save the fruit. These orchards use a natural gas heater with the fans, oh so much better than smudge pots!

Kaylie is really getting into crawling, it is so fun to watch her try out new things. Right now it is still more of a arm pulling - scooting thing. She is just getting up on her knees now and can go a little ways but then reverts to the arm pull-scoot. Our hardwood floors and soft baby clothes adds one more difficulty to the crawling but she does not seem to be to bothered! ha ha She is determined to get where she wants to go! Yes that is her Daddy laying on the floor playing with her, he loves to be 'right there' with her!

Tuesday, March 27

Spring Snow EWWWWW

So we woke up this morning to snow in the Mountains, Man I am so over snow!! I am ready for sunshine :) I can deal with some Spring rain showers but snow, nope I am done with snow.

1st is the view off our deck and the 2nd photo is of our Valley View Nursery which is our family business. You can imagine snow right now is not umm...... really to good for business. lol

So how about you, are ya done with the wet white stuff??

Monday, March 26


This is a layout from a few days ago, it makes me think of hunting because of Justin's Camouflage hat and Kaylie in her little red hat. The top photo of the smaller ones is my Dad with Justin and Kaylie, so that is 3 generations right there! Besides her Daddy being a hunter, her Mommy is too so she so totally has hunting in her future. Me on the other hand, not so much...ewww! Sorry I am not so good with the whole thing! Funny since I have grown up with it my whole life.
I love how Kaylie looks sort of 'stunned' when I get the camera going, she is getting used to it but she still gives me a 'Gramma what in the world is stuck on your face' look every now and then. :)
Credits: Chipboard Calendar and Circle template: Misty Cato
Paper, Ribbon and Flower: Sara Marie's Kit Admiration free from the Rak Scraps Newsletter
Font: CK Good Day

Sunday, March 25

My Beautiful Grandaughter

Here is a layout of our little cutie Kaylie hanging out on the deck with Daddy and Grampa. This is like the 2nd time Grampa has held her, ha ha you have to understand, he said when she is big enough to interact then he is ready to hold her! lol Men! He likes to play with her as long as someone else is doing the holding. Now that she is getting bigger he is ready to hang out with her.

I did this layout for a challenge on Bren Taylor Boone's blog,

Whew it is a chore trying to keep track of where you picked up digital elements. I know there has to be a better way. I have acdsee but I am obviously not using it right! (big surprise right!)
Now remember I am totally new to this digital stuff so don't be shocked!

My last post for the day, I am headed to a baby shower this afternoon, so toodles!

Erin's - Earth Canvas Template
Melany Violette's Summper Beginning Freebie for the background, the green circle and the beaded wire flower
Shabby Miss Jenn's Little Dude kit File tab
Kristy Wiseman's edge overlay (colored)
Christine Smith's Inked edge circle overlay
Font Myriad Pro

Our view

Ha ha, here I am again already! I keep trying to add a photo, of course it is not working the way I want it to. Now I am in no way computer savvy so ya can just imagine how frustrated I am lol

So I am going to try and stick the photo into this post and see if that will work!!

Here is the view from our front door the other day after a small shower. We are so stinking blessed to have found this awesome piece of land, we simply love it here.

Hmmm I am not so sure about this

Well I am going to see just how well I can play this blog game! Mostly I would really like a journal of our lives and since I am not doing so good with pen and paper, maybe I will do better here!

Wish me luck! - Brooke