Friday, August 31

Daddy's Shoulders

This is a page I have had finished for quite a while but it just needed something else. I finally tried my hand at some word art, might not be totally cool but it fit what I needed. Sarah of 'Simply Sarah' is what inspired me. I LOVE this layout she did, it simply took my breath away!!

Kaylie is growing like crazy and walking all over the place. Love that little button so much :) I know every Gramma feels this way but sometimes I think I could just pop with love for her! Whew I really got it bad! lol

We are gearing up for the Fall Season at work, seems like we just finished with Spring and now it is Fall! I love the crisp weather of Fall, but then I really love the changing seasons. Fall just seems to be my favorite, or at least it is right now! lol

Route 5 Scrapbook Retreat is right around the corner and we are sure looking forward to all that fun! I think they only have 4 or 5 tickets left. Pretty cool for our little corner of the world.

Well that is about all my news, I am going to take Monday off and I think Amber is going to come over and scrap with me. Totally looking forward to a full day of scrapping, it has been WAY to long!

Credits are:
Tracy Blankenship Template and a total 'lift' of one of her layouts from back the beginning of June!
Funky Playground designs June Kit
Word art by me but inspired by 'Simply Sarah'
Christine Smith Inked Circle Edge
Atomic Cupcake Pristine Chipboard Action

Thursday, August 23

First Friends

One of the last layouts for Kaylie's 1st Birthday. These to kiddos are so close in age, Wesley is less than a month younger. His Daddy and Justin have been in school and friends since kindergarten. Wesley's Mom is a couple years younger but has a brother who is the same age and they have all been friends for years. It is so fun to see the 'kids' grow up and have kids of their own!

Jada is a couple of months older than Kaylie and her Mom and Dad are great friends for Justin. Such a cute little couple too!

It will be fun to show this layout to these three kiddos when they are about to graduate from High School! YIKES what in the world made me think of that! Sure don't want to rush things! lol

We are headed to Portland today to the Farwest Nursery Trade show. This is one of my favorite shows because it is a chance to touch base with some long time friends.

Credits are:
Template by Simply Sarah
Cuddlebug kit at the Shabby Shoppe
Font - Kidprint

Friday, August 17

East Coast

Sorry but no photos, I am a total dork and forgot the attachment to download! We did a tour of some Nurseries yesterday (the ones we were supposed to see the 1st day but with the flight mess up we missed) Fabulous places, some super ideas and met some great people. I just wish I could to the whole 'I dream of Jeanie or Bewitched' thing, blink my eyes and be able to implement some of these great ideas instantly into our Nurseries. hee hee but as it is I know there will be some hard work ahead, but it is exciting to 'plan' and 'daydream'!

I guess I am a bit surprised at how super open and friendly everyone has been to us. I had always heard that
1 People on the east coast don't take the time to explain anything
2 Think us 'westerners' are backwoodsie hicks
3 Talk so fast you can't understand them

Ok so I will stop listening to that kind of talk and just say I have found some SUPER great people here. From the funny guy at the quick market where we stopped to get some water to the Rent a car guy to the Nurseries. Super Super friendly, helpful and just plain nice people!!

Now driving on these roads that is a different story! Holy crapola, I mean really! What is up with the no left turn thing! Can't tell you how many times we had to take a right make a 'U-ie' and go back just to get a left turn. lol Plus the whole toll booth thing, ya sure gotta make time to get change BEFORE you hit the road! lol

We ate dinner at the beach last night, funny but on the west coast we usually call our beach area the 'Coast' but here they say the Beach. Found a super nice place, nice in that it was right on the beach, good food not crazy expensive and it had a nice relaxed feeling. We sat outside and sort of wound down, well that is until we had to make the hour drive back to our hotel that took about 1.5 hours! Thank heavens John (my BIL) has a blackberry and downloaded the program that lets you use it like a GPS. I have no idea what we would have done otherwise.

Today is the day we plan on hitting old town Philly, doing the sight seeing thing and maybe have time for Cynde (my SIL) to finally get a chance to do a little shopping. She has been chomping at the bit to shop since we left. I am not much of a shopper (just ask Amber lol) but I told Cynde, after we do the old town stuff I would 'back her up' on the shopping thing!

Thanks for 'listening' to me ramble, see ya when I get home! - B

Wednesday, August 15

Gardening Bliss!

Ok I am so excited to report in on my garden. We had our 1st Cantaloupe last night and can I just say 'OH MY GOSH' It was sooooo good. Now I have to say I really like cantaloupe anyway but this was nothing like what you buy in the store! We were all sitting around the table making noises about how good it was. I will grow them every year from now on!

We have been having lots of Cucumbers and tomatoes too, I just love fresh from the garden food. Although I have to admit not very many of the little orange 'Sun Gold' Cherry tomatoes make it into the house. I seem to eat most of them right there on the spot as I am picking. Seriously like 20-25 at a time!

The Watermelon is coming along too, don't know when it will be ready, right now it is larger than 2 cantaloupes put together. Did you know when the cantaloupe is ripe it 'slips' off the vine? Yep my MIL told be it would just fall off the vine and into your hand and that is exactly what it did. Pretty cool huh

Ok, just had to share some photos of the cantaloupe and Cucumbers. :)

I wrote this before we left for our trip to Philadelphia so if I had some time I could do a little blogging. OH MY GOSH we had one of those flights that you hear about!! 1st we are in the Salt Lake City airport and they are saying 10 people need to volunteer to not board because the flight is TO HEAVY!! Come on now, how long have they been doing this, tell me they don't know when they overbook!! Then we finally take off our next stop is Minneapolis and there is only one stinking runway in service!! So we circle for a bit until we no longer have enough fuel and have to go to Sioux Falls to refuel. Then back to Minneapolis to circle LONGER, yep just long enough for us to miss our flight. No other flights are leaving for Philly so we 'get' to stay in a dumpy hotel overnight. Missing the main event here in Philly, ya know the one we came for! YEP can you believe it! A 2 hour flight ended up 2.5 hours. We were supposed to arrive Monday nite at 11:10 which would have been 8 our time, get a good nights rest and be up for the Tour on Tuesday. Nope we FINALLY get here at 4 on Tuesday. Oh well what are you going to do?? I plan on writing Delta a ummm 'little note' not that it will help but I will feel better! lol Ok gotta go get ready for the classes :) Later and thanks for reading this far, if I was cool I would have a freebie for you but since I am lame I do not have any idea how to do that!!

Wednesday, August 8


These photos are from right before Kaylie's birthday party. Justin wanted to make sure she ate before everyone got there so she was not distracted. She is sitting in her new highchair that Papa and Great, Great Gramma Artie bought her for her birthday!
Justin was so cute making all kinds of airplane noises. Kaylie was grinning so much she hardly wanted to eat! One of the funniest parts was how Justin was holding his mouth while feeding her, you know we all have done the same thing when feeding our kids! It was just cute to watch the two of them, I love how much she loves her Daddy!
Credits are:
JannyLynn Brokken - Party in the Playroom kit
Sharon K Staples and Journal stamp from Day Trip Kit
Fonts Joyful Juliana by Kimberly Geswein at Da Font
Atomic Cupcake Pristine chipboard action

Monday, August 6

Sleeping Angel

This layout goes back a ways, to when Kayie was just 3 1/2 months old. Such a little sweetie all bundled up. Time has flown by, it seems like she should still be this little. The age where you can just hold and cuddle them to your hearts content. Or for the hour we get her anyway! (so ya that means maybe 5 minutes for gramma) Oh but how sweet those precious moments are.

Credits are:

Debby Bradley Baby Pink Quick page and Kit. She is so sweet to share her talent with us FOR FREE!!!!! Now just how cool is that????

Saturday, August 4

Wobbly but walking

Love your wobbly little walk, you are just so proud of yourself! Your arms are up in the air sort of like you are saying 'pick me up' when in reality you have no desire to be held when you can 'do it yourself'. Your Daddy tells anyone within earshot that you are walking. He loves you so much, he just has to share :)

Credits are:
Shandy Vogt -
Scallop template (modified a bit) and swass frame
Christina Renee - Urban Love
Seebees - stitches
Gina Marie Huff - Welcoming Spring - Grow tag and ribbon

Wednesday, August 1


'Uncle' Tyler got to hold Kaylie for the 1st time, Hmmm I wonder if he realizes just how Privileged he is!!

With so little time with Kaylie, Justin is very much the one who gets to hold (or play with) her. Which is totally understandable, but let me tell ya this 'Gramma' is dieing for more time with her!

Credits are:
French Country side kit: Here or Here
French Country side Quick page Here or Here
Title font Retro Rock Poster at DaFont