Monday, November 24

Big Girl Panties! lol

Jess Gordon has just opened shop over at Sunshine Studio Scraps. I answered her one kit CT call and was lucky enough to get to play with her new Christmas Kit 'Christmas Heart'. This is what she said helped to inspire her kit:

"Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, a wide open heart that thinks of others first. The birth of the baby Jesus stands as the most significant event in all history, because it has meant the pouring into a sick world the healing medicine of love which has transformed all manner of hearts for almost two thousand years... Underneath all the bulging bundles is this beating Christmas heart." -- George Matthew Adams

Oh my gosh how wonderful is that! Totally puts the focus right back where it should be.

Besides being a fabulously talented Digi Designer,

Jess is an amazingly open, sharing

Christian Woman who I am proud to know.

This layout has been bouncing around in my head since the last weekend we had Kaylie. I just love each new milestone she reaches in her little life, this one was to cute not to share.

Credits - Everything from Jess Gordon's Christmas Heart kit

Here is a Card I made from Jess's kit too.

A Smile is a whisper of a Laugh, Free word art by Katie Pertiet over at Designer Digitals.

- Thanks Jess for letting me play!

Sunday, November 23


I received this award from both my long time friend Beth and my new friend Liv, aren't they totally sweet for giving this to me! Sure put a smile on my face to be considered 'Creative' :) The rules are I have to list 6 things that make me Happy and 6 other bloggers to give this award to!

1. Living where we are free and can openly worship God
2. Being married to my Bestest Friend
3. Having my kids live close and having lots of Family near by
4. Crafting and hanging out with my daughter Amber
5. Watching Kaylie Sue grow
6. Having friends,who are far away in miles but close thanks to the good ole WWW!!!

It is hard to only choose 6 people to pass this on to!
Amanda of Taylor Made - who creates fabulous kits and shares wonderful Tutorials
Laura - Hybrid Crafter Extraordinaire
Amber - the Queen of Beads and so much more :)
Natali Designs - Creator of 'the perfect' Word Art
Sueli Colbert - Talented maker of Photoshop Stamps that are so Great!
Kayla Lamoreux - Wearer of oh so Many hats and Creator of The Digital Scrapbooking 101 site!

Thursday, November 20

The Body Shop and Happy Feet!

Oh my gosh I had a blast last night! Thank you so much to everyone who took time out of
their busy lives to come and play with us :) Here we are with our feet all nice and smooth,
yep we got some HAPPY FEET! lolCynthia won the door prize but the photo I took of her is all blurry, so ya just have to use your imagination and know she was a happy camper! lol
Marna won the drawing so she is picking out her prize, isn't she just a cutie
Pam was a neighbor when we lived in Ashland, we have been friends for over 20 years.
She is one of those truly sweet zany people that you just love having in your life.
That is Maria with her, she is a foreign exchange student who is staying with
Pam's family this year. This is Hannah who is Pam's Daughter, I have (of course) known Hannah since she was born.
It has been fun to have a friend who has a younger child. Pam's boys are the same age as
my kids so when Hannah came onto the scene our kids were a lot older.
Pam says Hannah keeps her young :)
Isn't she a knock out, I think Pam needs to get a SHOT GUN! lol
Well, that was a part of our fun evening, I didn't take any photos of the food
or the Margarita's but we had PLENTY of both! :)
I didn't get a picture of Amber at work and I should have,
guess I was enjoying my margarita to much to take enough photos!
Edited to add:
If you are wanting to order any Body Shop Products just click on
the green logo at the top right it will take you right to Amber's website.
They are having some AMAZING Deals right now, just in time for Christmas!!

Friday, November 14

For those of you who can't quite tell, Kaylie is a Giraffe :)
Finally getting another layout posted. Figured I had best get these posted before THANKSGIVING! lol Kaylie had a blast on Halloween, even though we didn't get quite as much time with her as we thought we were going to. We all still had fun, watching her. Took her to a few houses, Auntie Amber's house was the 1st stop cause she didn't want to miss out on all the fun and came along with us :) Then we went out to the Table Rock Christian Fellowship for a super fun carnival. It was a great 'safe' and FUN place to hang out.
Journaling Reads:
You made such a CUTE little Giraffe with your little padded tummy and bottom. We only stopped and trick or treated at a few houses and then went to the party out at Table Rock Christian Fellowship. You were having the time of your life! Daddy, Auntie Amber, Grandpa & Grami all went just to be with YOU!
Misty Mareda - Pumpkin pie paper a freebie from last year
Gina Cabrera - Extreme Grunge paper pack Dark Black
Fei fei crazy beautiful Stamp (Which I seem to be loving a LOT) from her FREE LAYERED QUICK PAGE

Monday, November 10

Pumpkin Carving!

I just love the concentration she puts into things! Check out the messy left hand, while she is not a prissy little girl and can get dirty with the best of them. She really does not like 'stuff' on her hands! lol

Paul and I had a great weekend at the coast, it was the 1st day he has taken off since our Oktoberfest the beginning of October, so yes it was a much needed break! Friday afternoon and evening were really nice, we walked to dinner,I had a thin sweater for a jacket and I was totally comfortable. We woke up to rain on Saturday but since we were really just relaxing and we had a great view of the ocean, we really didn't mind. We did some milling around and even watched some MOVIES! lol Most of you know that Amber is a consultant for 'The Body Shop' (products that I LOVE). She actually became a consultant after having so many parties. She decided since she loved the product and so do I she might as well just go for it! lol I am having a Girls Night Out party here at the house on Wednesday and want everyone to feel welcome to come! If you need to order anything she can have it sent to you no problem and there are some AMAZING specials for Christmas right now. I have a link to her site at the top right corner of my blog or just click HERE to be taken to her site.

The pumpkin carving layout is a free Layered Quick Page from Fei Fei over at Oscraps. A layered quick page is so much more fabulous than a png file cause it is so easy to make it your own! I loved it but wanted the word art to be more relevant to my layout so I totally lifted her idea and made my own!

It is a png file with no background and you are welcome to it if you can find it useful :) Just click on the wordart to go to 4Shared. Can you believe I am actually sharing something FREE! lol If you have any problems just leave me a comment, I really don't know what I am doing with 4shared! :)

Credits on the layout:
Fei Fei: Oscraps - FREE Template 'Some Stuff'
Fei Fei and Taylor Made: kit 'In Retrospect'

Have a Great week and I hope to see you Wednesday night!

Saturday, November 8

October flew by and I was once again a rotten blogger! I will try to do better this month, seems like the only time I get any scrapping done anymore is when we go on a trip and I have my laptop in the car! We headed to the coast for the weekend for our belated anniversary trip. We just could not seem to get away in September so this was a perfect time to escape.
I LOVE this page, all I did was slip my photo in and put the date on it. HOW FABULOUS is that! I am working on some other ones of Kaylie carving pumpkins and in her costume, so hopefully I will have something fun to post in a day or so!
You can get this Fabulous quick page too
Julie Scraps