Sunday, September 30

Let all the Earth Rejoice

This was our sunrise this morning, WOW it was breathtaking!! This song keeps going thru my head but of course I don't remember the name of it or who sings it!! But it says 'How Great is our God, He wraps Himself in light, darkness tries to hide, Let all the earth rejoice. *Edit It is How Great is our God by Chris Tomlin*

Seeing this sunrise just reminds me once again how Amazing our Father is!

What a great way to start my day!!! (well actually my day started at 5:30 before the sun was up) lol

Hope everyone has a Fabulous Sunday!!

Friday, September 28

Acdsee Update

Well I have FINALLY gotten around to organizing all my digi stuff in acdsee! I was totally overwhelmed and it felt like way to big of a task for me. That is until I watched the video's Heidi & Connie created. Made my task seem 'do-able' and I am SOOOOOO stinking glad to have it all organized!! WOW it is going to make my scrapping life a ton faster and if you know me you know I am a SLOOOOOW scrapper! lol

I also signed up for the carbonite backup service. With all the crazy horror stories out there about computer crashes I figured for $50 a year this was AWESOME!! No worries and the best thing is 'I' don't have to do anything!! I LOVE that part!!

Sunday, September 23

Route 5 Retreat part 1

A couple of photos of the day, but more about it later!!

We started out on Friday night hitting all 4 Scrapbook Stores!
Each one had a Make-N-Take plus you got a ticket for the prize drawing
for being there for the Friday Night Party
Laura joined in with Amber and I for the evening of Scrapping Fun.
We started in Grants Pass at The Scrapbook Connection and made a cute little
Metal covered case. Amber is going to put goodies in it for her
little Niece Julietta who has a 4th birthday coming up
Then headed to Central Point to Sugar & Spice where we made a really
cute CD envelope with a cute ribbon and chipboard closure
Our 3rd stop was Scrapbook King where we did 2 projects!
A super cute little chipboard book for putting tiny photos in
and a Pocket note card for a quick thank you or for an accent on a layout.
Plus they had chocolate dipped Strawberries, can we say YUMMM
Next we hit Jackson Creek Pizza for a little Dinner Break.
Nice to stop and regroup and relax for a moment.
Plus a glass of wine/beer was totally calling out to us! lol
Then on to No Bare Pages for our last stop of the Night
We made what could be used as page in a Chipboard Album
or a main focus on a scrapbook page. A Carma creation that
totally taxed her because she had to SIMPLIFY!!! lol
So no something she is used to doing when she does a class! hee hee
All in all it was a fabulous evening!
More about 'The Day' later, right now I am just to pooped! :)

Friday, September 21

30 years LATER!!

Well here we are ready to head out for our Anniversary Dinner. Yes 30 years older!! lol Not much to say about that! Paul asked when he turned into an old man, I told him I would let him know when he did. I for one think he is still pretty dang good looking! We don't clean up to bad, just wish I knew photoshop well enough to take 20 lbs and 20 years off!! hee hee Oh well we are what we are :)

We had dinner at the Arbor House in Talent. One of our very favorite places, the food is wonderful and we just love the people who run it. Nice quite and small, simply perfect!

Headed out to the Route 5 Scrapbook Retreat evening of make-n-takes.

We have looked forward to this for so long and now it is here!!

WOO HOO I will let you know all about it on Sunday.

Tuesday, September 18

30 years ago Today!

Boy do we look like a couple of kids or what! 30 years ago Paul & I stood up before our friends and family, promising to Love, Honor and Cherish all the days of our lives. Well we are still hanging in there thru the thick and the thin :)

The most amazing part of all of this is that Paul has put up with me for this long!! lol Even more amazing is he still LOVES me! Yes I tell ya the man is simply amazing! What can I say, I totally love the guy :)

A few Funny things I remember from my wedding day:

Forgetting to buy a 'guest' book, ok so it was not so funny at the time but oh Good Heavens! Not so much of a big deal in the whole scheme of things. How often have you looked at your guest book????

Paul's cousin Kimmie telling me she hated me cause she was going to marry Paul. Yes she also had a grin on her face and she is younger than I am by at least 5 years so she was probably only 14 or 15 at the time. I still razz her about that one.

My cousin Randy who is 5 years older than I am coming thru the reception line with a huge grin on his face and saying "you little Shit" to me. We both laughed, I guess I still seemed like the little tag along to him! (I always wanted to do whatever my brother Rocky and my cousin Randy were doing)

My Mom telling me not to smash cake in Paul's face. Ok so I had not EVEN THOUGHT of that! lol so I was pretty good, just got a little on his mustache. But did you see that mustache, ok at the time it was TOTALLY COOL but now to look at it, sort of seems HUGE.

When we left the church my brother and Paul's brother jumped into each of their Parents cars to try and chase us down the main street. Well they were both in a hurry and one pulled out without looking and ended up putting a bit of a 'crunch' in the door of the other car!

Ok so maybe I have a weird sense of humor but all these things sort of make me chuckle now! We are headed to one of our favorite places for dinner tonight and I am not even thinking about being 'Good' during dinner!

Sunday, September 16

My 1st Heritage Page

This is the very 1st Heritage Page I have ever done and I was prompted by Hummie. Love her blog and all that she shares. This is my MIL's sweet, sweet sister Louise as a baby with their Mother Anna. I made Louise a quick album for her 80th birthday and have just been waiting for this photo. I had to do a lot of photoshop work on it but I am really pleased with the way it turned out. Especially after running Natasha Whiteley's Deep BW Action over it! You get the choice of 10 different B&W colors, now just how awesome is that. I used Silver Shines on this one.
I made the background paper, yep my 1st attempt and then put KSharonK's grid over the top.
The papers are from Fee Jardine's quick page album from the Digi Chick but I can't seem to find Fee's current store. I just cut some of the patterns out to use as color & the fabric tie so this page would match the rest of the book. I am loving using this drop shadow technique that Misty Cato shared on her Blog. So easy once you get the hang of it!
The stitches are from AmelieScrap's kit part one and the word art pieces are from Tina Chambers and Jenna Robertson (I can't find where she is now either)!!
I still need to get the date from my MIL and then get it printed. I will be glad to get this sent off to Louise. I love the process of creating but always feel a sense of relief when a project is finished. KWIM?

Saturday, September 15

Kids Club - Pot Decorating and Bulb Planting

Ok is this about the cutest group of kids you have ever seen!! We had soooo much fun painting and planting, it was great. They decorated a planter and learned a bit about bulbs, then chose 3 to plant. Learned which end to put in the dirt for roots and which end grows the flower (a good thing to know when you are planting bulbs don'tcha think?) Just had to share a few of the photos :)

I love how they were concentrating so hard on what they were creating, it is so cool to see kids learning to explore their own styles.
So in October we are going to do a Halloween/Harvest Party. They will get to pick out a pumpkin from the patch they helped plant. How is that for rewarding! We have some creepy crawly treats planned and some slimy juice, ummmm sounds really appetizing now doesn't it! lol Should be a fun time, I think Pat and I have as much if not more fun than the kids do.
All the photos have Natasha Whiteley's Actions, I am sooo addicted to them, I can't leave a photo plain anymore!!

Sunday, September 9

Sorry, just a repeat photo. I liked this one so much I needed to put it in a layout! I think I am going to print this one to go up on my wall.

This is the very 1st time I have created a layout without a template. I must say it was a bit freeing, which totally surprised me. Granted it is a pretty simple layout. But it was fun to grab bits from different kits and designers.

Now I HAVE to get this house vacuumed, dang I wish it would just clean itself. But since it refuses to cooperate I guess I best get in gear.
Till next time - B

Credits are:
Word art by Tina Chambers
Sweet Swass brush by Shandy Vogt
Frame by Rhonna Farrer
Background paper by Little dreamer designs August grab bag Jackie Eckles

Grid & Staples from Unadored - Circle from Scruffy by KSharon Artistic Musings
Inked Circles by Christine Smith
Word strips & Month toppers by Jen Wilson

Thursday, September 6

Oh how I LOVE this

Ok, I had to share this photo. I think it tells such a story in itself. You can almost 'feel' the love coming from Justin to his little Kaylie.
Every little moment with her is just so precious. For those of you who have your kids full time every day - day in and day out. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed (I know I did at times) and would just like a bit of a break. There is nothing wrong with that. This is just to remind you just how lucky you are. Because in the daily routine of life sometimes we forget that little tidbit.
When you get such limited time with your child, every second is just like gold. So much so that it is hard to let go of the child and just let them play. I just want life to settle in and be as normal for Kaylie as it can be in today's world. Time with Daddy and time with Mommy. For her to know that she is loved by both her parents.(And her grandparents) Well that was more than I planned on writing but it is what was on my heart.
We all just love this little button. She has totally changed our lives and filled a spot that I didn't even know was waiting for her. She has this funny little squeak/squeal thing that just has the whole house laughing! Of course she thinks that is pretty fun! I have it on video and when I figure out how to take it from tape to the computer I will post it.
Yep she already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger! lol just as it should be with a Daddy and a Daughter. ha ha (I should know)!!
I am so loving 'Actions' those great little 'action packed' goodies that do all the hard work for you and just leave you to play and adjust.
I use Natasha Whiteley's Photo-licious action called 'Awesome Color' on this photo. LOVE this pack and wow if you have looked around this is a great deal. Don't freak out when you look at the price, make sure you convert it to USD not South African Rands!
The frame is Rhonna Penner's from Snap Shot Elements and the Sweet Swass brush is of course Shandy Vogt's. Seemed to be the perfect touch :)
Oh and Shandy is having a 50% off sale right now!!! YEE HAW
Later gators! - B

Monday, September 3

My Daughter

So here is my Beautiful Daughter. This is the 1st layout I have made with her in it since I finished her HUGE wedding album! Which I think took me almost a full year.

If you know us at all then you know we have had our ups and downs. As I imagine most Mothers and Daughters do during the growing up years! lol One of the best things she decided to do was to spend a year of college in Germany. Changed her outlook on things and changed mine too. She grew up a lot and I had to let go. So it was good for both of us. :)

I can truly say she is my best friend! We just have so much fun together and I am so proud of her. She has so much more drive and confidence than I ever had.

She works full time plus she is a 'Body Shop' Consultant. So here is my plug for her business. Check out her website here and leave your email if you would like to receive notice of Sales (and we all LOVE sales).

Someday she would like to be a stay at home mom and do her Body Shop business. I of course get all 'excited' when she talks about the 'mom' part!! hee hee

Credits are:
Gina Marie Huff at Weeds and Wildflowers Believing in you
Photo action
'Awesome color' by Natasha Whiteley
Date Stamp Sherri Tierney Elemental Scraps
Atomic Cupcake Jelly Action

KgD Tiffany by Kimberly Geswein
Cac Shishoni Brush
UNDECAPPED Vinyl at Da Font