Wednesday, September 16

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Just a quick note to tell Ryan Happy Birthday. Ryan is my nephew my marriage (Ashley's hubby) and a great young man :)

Are they not just the cutest!

New York again

I am playing with my SmugMug Gallery to see how easy it is to put photos on my blog. Flickr is easy to blog from but I really like the SmugMug gallery. I only have 5 days left to decide! YIKES lol

This is a photo from our New York trip, I had to take this photo after watching Project Runway and America's Next Top Model! lol

Sunday, September 6


This is what happens when your Daughter and her quad meet up with a surprise razorback at the dunes! YIKES yes she rolled but this and the goose-egg on her noggin were all she ended up with. And yes I will say PRAISE GOD! :)

Look at the lines she ended up with across her eye. Very interesting don't ya think.

Thanks Amber for being a good sport and letting your Mama take photos of 'THE EYE'

Friday, September 4