Monday, September 29

Sweet Sweet Friend

I love this photo of Valerie that Laura took at Route 5 last year. It shows a little bit of the twinkle and spark she had. We spent one evening setting out on my deck way past dark sipping 'Mikes' and solving the worlds problems. She will be missed by so many people.
We are all saddened today by the loss of a dear friend. Valerie suffered a major seizure yesterday, she taken to Providence and put on life support, she was taken off life support this afternoon. Such a shock, I just can't believe it. Prayers for Lindsay and the family.

Thursday, September 25

Where is Kaylie??

I know it is hard to see her here you have to look really hard because she is hiding so well! lol You know metal tomato cages are great camouflage! hee heeYou need to really search again to find her in this photo because she is really hidden well.
This just totally cracks me up. :)
The 'Hiding' game started when Justin, Kaylie and I were playing chase and hiding from each other. I said something about going and hiding, she thought it was hilarious when Justin would come search for her. Now it is Hide-Hide-Hide all the time, but I think we just might need to work on her choice of hiding places!

Wednesday, September 24


I didn't get Kaylie's 'Hiding' photos uploaded off my camera so here are some
Sunrise photos from September 18th. Yes the day of our Anniversary!
I think because we are still having so much smoke it
completely turned the sky into fire,
ya know where there is smoke there is FIRE! lol

Hopefully I will catch a bit of time tomorrow to get the photos off my camera,
but tomorrow is a 'Kaylie' day so I don't know how much extra time I will have.
I pretty much spend every moment I can with the little miss :)
Oh and I picked up a couple of ADORABLE Halloween costumes,
yes I said a couple cause I could not decide which one!

Tuesday, September 23

Our Anniversary 31 Great Years!!

Dinner at Callahan's is sort of a tradition here in the Valley. One of those places you can go in a formal or in shorts and be fine, how that works I don't know, I just know it works. This was our 1st time back after they re-opened, It burned completely down last year and it took some time to re-build. Mostly I think the time was taken up by getting permits but in the long run they have done a great job. Very similar to the old lodge but yet quite different.
I had to laugh at our picture, we sort of have a deer in the headlights look! I ran totally rad action Yin/Yang on this to darken the background. I love those actions and the fact that Doug has tutorials on his website on how to use them!
One little bit of Mushy, I have to say I LOVE this man :)

Ken Hart sang wonderfully, soft and nice background.

Not to loud but loud enough that you could understand the words.

He sang a song to us about doing all over again and still

choosing each other.

I actually got a little choked up

Had to take a picture of the sign, just makes me smile to see it all bright again!

Tomorrow, Kaylie's new 'Hiding' skills! lol

Saturday, September 20

Our Coast Trip & Kaylie at the Beach (Finally)!

Here are a tiny few of the HUGE amount of photos I took on our Coast Weekend. Our 1st time with Kaylie at the beach and she had a BLAST!Starting out the trip with a good nap is always a great way to fuel up!
Because she hit the beach at FULL SPEED! She was totally hilarious, she simply could not decide which way to RUN! it was a beautiful day, shorts and sweatshirts with lots of sun and no wind!
She kept us hopping with her running around like a little crazy person. You can't see him but Paul is just to the right of her in this photo. The ocean is nothing to mess around with, we kept pretty close tabs on her.

She found a ummm 'beautiful' rock which of course we had to bring home! lol

Grandpa is showing her what is inside a shell, or what was left of something inside a shell. As you can see she thinks it is quite fascinating! Or at least for those 3 seconds she stood still.

She loved putting her feet in the water, but not the water coming up her legs. She is so darn short that it didn't take much for her to end up wet.

Is there anything in the world more joyous than a child's smile? Oh if we could all just keep that level of joy and not let the worries of the day to day grind get to us.

I think this is the last shot we got before that sneaker wave got us all wet!

I used Karen Russell brushes on all my photos. You can pick them up at Polka Dot Potato

and I used Totally Rad Actions, I can't seem to get along with out them anymore! lol

That's it for now, I really need to get out on the tractor and start mowing. We are wanting to get the entire place mowed one last time for the year! - Later Gaters

Tuesday, September 16


Amber Tagged me after Trisha Tagged her so here are some random things about us.
4 random things about my husband:
This is the hardest thing for me to come up with.

He is the hardest working Man I have ever known

When he gets really tickled I have to laugh cause he is laughing so hard

He is probably neater than I am

I am surprised at just how much he is enjoying Kaylie, I mean I knew he would love her but he is really enjoying having her around

4 movies that I would/could watch more than once:

(Ok, I have to say I am NOT a fan of watching movies over and over)
Grease - the original (saw this one so many times when Amber was still home)
Pretty Woman

4 tv shows I watch: I really don't watch much TV

24 I am soooo excited to finally see a new season coming!!
Privileged (new one that looks fun)
American Idol
Ghost Whisperer

4 places that I have been:
Germany (we visited Amber when she lived in Germany for a year)


4 people who email me regularly:
Amber (my daughter)



4 favorite foods:
Mexican - Probably my favorite food!

Thai - but not to hot

Berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream! YUMMMM (does that count as 2)

4 places I would like to visit:
Sweden - Where my FIL's family came from

Australia - To see some good friends

The East coast in the Fall

Lots of places in Europe

4 things I am looking forward to in the coming year:

Getting a new office and getting settled in since ours burnt down

Putting in some GREEN around the house

Weekend get-away's with Paul

Some fun Girls/Scrapbook/Craft/Spa days with Amber and friends

Maybe Amber planning to start a family? :) lol

OOPS that was 5!

Ok I can't post without a photo so here is a photo of our Watermelon from our Garden. This puppy weighted 23.5 lbs!!
It was pretty dang tasty too lol