Monday, May 28

Cool Chickie

Just a quickie, Took this photo a couple of weeks ago. Funny but Kaylie really was not to bothered by her Daddy's Sunglasses. I think I am going to have to find her a cute kids pair!

I love it when someone else does most of the work and you just get to fill in with the fun! lol

I used the Cuddlebug Quik page Album and Silly boy Cuddlebug kit too.

Credits are:

Christine Smith using Shabby Princess Designs

Sande Krieger Borderlines 4 Art Class from 2Ps
And Font:
You Are Loved by Kimberly Geswein

Wednesday, May 23

Window Planters Oh YEAH!!!

Paul finally got a spare minute and put my Window planters up!! YIPEE When we saw these we knew they would be perfect for our house plus it would remind us of our great trip to Europe. Since in Germany they have window planters everywhere!! I have been so excited to get them up so we can enjoy them!! YEE HAW

Here he is bringing them, yep they are pretty darn heavy so this seemed to be the best way to move them. No way were we going to be able to carry them and LIFT them up on ladders! YIKES!
Besides ya know how it is 'Boys and their toys'! lol

A before shot, a beautiful deck but it is just missing something! (plus I am now noticing how much junk we have stored underneath it, ummm....looks like I have some cleaning to do)

How funny is that for a ladder! I swear Paul is part Monkey for the way he climbs around on things. When Amber was about 6 months old I came home from work and he had her in a back pack ON THE ROOF!! I almost had a heart attack, but that is mostly because heights scare the woo hootie who out of me! Paul was totally ok with it and for that matter so was Amber! hmmm now I know why she was so excited to go sky diving! lol

Justin to the rescue!! Paul could not hold the entire planter up and line it up with the screws. No way was I climbing up there! Well someone had to take the pictures, ya right that is why! ha ha Justin, who is just about as comfortable climbing around as his Dad is hopped over the railing and helped is Dad out!

A view from over the railing, man I do love it :) Ok maybe it does not look full and super yet but I am still loving it!

And of course the 'After Shot' I know they will need to fill in a little to really be spectacular, but oh they will soon enough!

Thanks guys, I love them!!

Baby Blocks

These are the baby blocks I was talking about the other day. I love the way they turned out. The color is like the top photo, I have no idea why my color is so weird in the bottom one.

These are for my niece Jill and her husband Taylor, they are expecting their 1st baby and I heard she is decorating the baby's room in green and Brown. So I thought these would work for them. You can either put them on the wall or just set them on a dresser. Love that basic grey paper!! I have another set to do for my niece Cristin who will be bringing Carson into the world on FRIDAY!! Keep them in your prayers! :)

Other than that I am pretty boring, just working, working, working!

Monday, May 21

Sunspot - Rainbow Spot or WHAT??

So have you ever seen anything like this? It was on Friday May 18th, so it was totally beautiful and hot. Not misty at all and here in the middle of the sky was a straight chunk of rainbow!

I had to grab my camera because I was afraid no one would believe me! lol

Really this was simply stunning in it's beauty. But I do have to tell ya, Paul and I just watched the move 'Day after tomorrow' and I was wondering if huge chunks of ice were suddenly going to come crashing down out of the sky! It's the movie where the weather gets all weird due to global warming. Strange move but some really good actors!

Don't know what caused this but it was really cool and I do know that God is such an amazing artist! Love it, just love it!!

Had a super fun weekend with Amber, we scrapped with some friends over at Laura's place (thanks again Laura) and then ended the day with a facial body shop party. I always have fun when I spend the day with my kiddo!

Lots of good times even though I really didn't get much done except for a baby gift for little miss Jill who is going to have a boy. Actually both my nieces who are preggo are having boys. Both girls are going to be really good Mom's too. They will give their kids strong Christian foundations, which is just awesome! :)

Wednesday, May 16

Daddy's Girl

Ha ha, I wonder how many times in Kaylie's life I will use that title?? She looks so much like her Daddy it makes me laugh sometimes.
Her coloring is like her Mommy but her Mommy hopes she does not sunburn as bad as she does!
We have so much fun playing with her, I am so happy she is such a happy girl. KWIM?? She likes everyone and is only cranky if something is wrong, like a wet diaper or teeth or not getting a nap. She is just a delight, ya this is coming from the gramma so I might be a bit biased. lol but I don't think so.
I did this layout for a challenge on 2Ps to use your own handwriting. No this is not my handwriting, I saved this one with Kimberly's font cause no way am I keeping the one with my stinky handwriting on it. Yah, Yah, Yah I know you are supposed to write in your own handwriting now and then but good golly mine is just way to stinky! really it is! :)
Credits are:
Andilynn Designs Kit - Forget me Not
Fonts by Kimberly Geswein - Journaling is 'it and rocket science'
& Daddy's Girl is 'you are loved' with atomic cupcake pristine cupcake action
Shandy Vogt - Got Ads Template
Rhonna Farrer - Snapshot elements - Outside painted edge re-sized

Tuesday, May 15

Saturday before Mother's Day we had the 'Kids Club' at our Nursery. We own a retail Nursery which has been a family business since we started it in 1979. Man we were just babies when we started! ha ha

Check out this cool Dude :)

Anyway, we started the kids club in March and had 10 kids, in April we had around the same but this month we had 25 KIDS!! WOO HOO I finally got the permission slips for everyone to sign so I could post some photos of the day. I love watching kids get inspired, no matter what it is that inspires them!
She is so intent on creating, I just love it!!

They each decorated a planter and chose a plant to plant in it.
Gotta love the orange apron on this little guy and could this little one be any cuter :)

I am sure I had more fun than the kids!

We are going to do our next one the Saturday before Father's Day, which is also our 28th anniversary of being in business!

I think I will try and get a group photo next time with their 'finished' creations!

This cute kid drew a cactus and scorpions(YIKES) on his planter. Really, really creative

And his little sister was about as sweet as they come.

Yep I had a blast and hope the kids did too!

Friday, May 11

Our start on 'the Garden'

So here are the photos I said I would post a few days ago, I thought I would get the last 3 boxes planted and show you a finished product! But that will have to wait till this weekend so here is what progress we have at the moment.

Raised beds with wire mesh on the bottoms and
weedcloth underneath to try and keep the Darn Squirrels out!

I have tomatos, 4 kinds - Cucumbers 2 kinds - 1 cantalope - 1 watermelon - lots of varieties of lettucy stuff and banana peppers for Justin. I have no idea what those will be like.

So here is our 1st casuality in the garden caused by those DARN SQUIRRELS! Luckily I had 1 extra super sweet 100 cherry tomato so this didn't totally fry my britches, but close :)

I snapped this shot of my 'Grounds Keeper! lol Dad has been keeping everything mowed close to the house, trailer and motorhome. It looks soooo much better all mowed and I love him for doing it without me even asking! Love you Dad! :)

Thursday, May 10

Are you Crazy

Watching Kaylie look at my Dad (her great-grandpa who my kids call Papa) was so funny! She had her little eyebrows all scrunched up like she just could not believe what he was telling her. And of course 'Papa' was loving the interaction.
It is just amazing to watch this little person develop into who she will be. I think when my kids were growing up I was so busy with 'life' and growing up myself I was oblivious to some of the simple joy of just watching them!
I missed the picture of Daddy Justin laughing so hard he almost had to sit down! I was having a hard enough time getting the pictures, while laughing.
I love these simple 'just life' moments. :)
Credits are:
Shandy Vogt Template - Got Ads
Trish Jones - Live your Dreams
Rhonna Farrer - Snap Shot Elements
Kari Q - hand painted flower
Fonts: Uncapped Vinyl - LB Kerri - KDG Amberscript (Kimberly Geswein)

Monday, May 7

1st Tooth!

Like the journaling says I know you can BARELY see the tooth! ha ha but she was really working hard at getting it, drooling - chewing - cranky so we had to celebrate! lol
This was National Scrapbook Weekend and I hope everyone enjoyed it. I stopped by No Bare Pages to pick up a few things and they were hopping! Looked like everyone was having a fun time. Laura was doing a super, super cute make-n-take and her table was full the entire time I was there! I stopped in to a couple online shops too!
But mostly I worked on putting in a garden this weekend. Amber and I spent the morning figuring out what to plant at her house and in my garden. Then I worked on building some raised bed boxes. I will post photos tomorrow of our progress. That's all for now, I have to get ready for the work week! - Later gators - Brooke
Tailored Pink free kit by Andilynn
Got Shapes template by Shandy Vogt at
Circle words template by Jen Caputo at
Inked edge overlay by Christine Smithat
(first Tooth)Font Broken Ghost by Gyom at
Journaling font by Darcy Baldwin at
Pristine Chipboard action from Atomic Cupcake

Wednesday, May 2

Betcha can't eat just ONE!

Finally I got in gear and got another layout finished. I love all these photos of our little chewing machine!
Her bottom two teeth just barely popped thru. I hope to catch one of her open mouth gummy smiles soon so you can see the little tiny teeth showing thru.
Well let me tell you DO NOT USE out dated Sunscreen. I think it made me burn worse!! You know I mowed this last weekend, well I also ended up FRIED!! Which is a major bummer in itself but Good Golly I was trying to be good and put on sunscreen for heaven sakes!
That's all for now, I am headed to bed. Just watched American Idol and I called who was going this week. My favorites are all still in the running so it is getting really interesting now.
Credits for the layout are:
Scallop template by Jen Caputo
Gold paper from in 'Memory of Miles' free kit designer Jessica Bolton
Green paper,Lined arrow & Flowers from the Eat your Greens freebie from K Sharon Designs
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Fonts: You are loved & Amber Script by Kimberly Geswein
Date stamp from Traci Turchin 2peas Got A Date
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Newspaper swirls by Lemonaid Lucy