Tuesday, October 28

Fall Fun

It has already been over a week since I posted and I have no idea where the time is going!
Dang it lol
Maybe it is getting sucked in by Photoshop while I play with photos.Credits are:
Angela Barton - Flexible Features BW Frame Sweet Shoppe Designs
Karen Russell - Grunge Frame Polka Dot Potato

Monday, October 20

Pumpkin Patch Quick Post

Seven Oaks Pumpkin Patch
Getting Kaylie to hold still long enough for me to take a picture of her was a major feat! lol She was going from one spot to the other like crazy. Lots of fun to watch her have fun :) There were kids waiting for a turn on the tractor so she had about 30 seconds on it. Kaylie would really rather play with the other kids more than she wants to play with things. I was glad to have this shot even if it is not the best, sort of shows how she was on the go! lol
I will post some of the pony ride, goat petting and carving pumpkins later.
Right now I have to get ready before the little Missy wakes up!

Kaylie talk for Pumpkin - Bumpk bin

Saturday, October 18

Water - Wet - FEET!

No photos of the pumpkin patch yet so here is a coast layout from my play weekend of scrapping with Amber! Journaling Reads:
As we got closer to the coast I told you we would go down to the Beach
so you could put your feet in the water and get wet.
All we kept hearing from you was WATER - WET - FEET!
You were more than READY to play in the water
Heather Landry: Template (her tou says Elemental Scraps but I think she has moved stores)
LaurasKathi: Gabs kit - Funky Playground Designs
Traci Murphy: Taking Notes - Funky Playground Designs
Nicole Young: Grungy Pup Alpha - Digital Scrapbook Place
Lori Barnhurst: Instantly Shabby Overlays - Little Dreamer Designs

Friday, October 17

Enjoy every moment

I took this photo Tuesday afternoon when the wind had started to blow. Kaylie was loving the beautiful afternoon and the fresh air! We are going to go to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend so you know there will be lots of photos to follow. Carving pumpkins this weekend too, we will see which pumpkin Kaylie finally decides on. We were gone last week so it has been 12 days since Paul and I have seen Kaylie, she looks like she grew 3 inches! lol Funny how quickly they change at this age. She is now calling herself Kaylie but instead of Kay Lee like we say it with the emphasis on Kay she says Kayleeeee with the emphasis on the eeeee so totally cute. Journaling Reads:

You are so proud of the pumpkins we grew, you are sure having a hard time deciding which one is yours! Such a windy day, your hair is flying all over the place :) but you don’t care as long as you can play OUTSIDE!

I am addicted to Taylor Made templates and Natali Design word art (as if you can't tell) I love it when designers create things that make my life easier and when their products sort of SING TO ME! lol. I am in the process of going thru the tutorials Amanda (Taylor Made) has on her blog. I love learning how to make the most of my layouts :)

The date up in the corner is by Misty Cato who is such a sweet sweet gal. She puts up some fabulous tutorials on her blog!


Taylor Made Designs: Frame and heart brushes
Foxy Designs: Paper
Natali Designs: Word Art
Misty Cato: Month Labels 2008
Font: SS Play
Totally Rad Action: Yin Yang on Photo

Wednesday, October 15

Moments Captured

I am REALLY LOVING these templates by TaylorMade. They are so simple to add your own touch to and they have that Artsy look I can not achieve on my own. LOVE IT :)
I also really really like these great word art packages by Natali Designs. Such a great way to add a fabulous flair to a page!
Journaling reads:
You could not get enough of running back & forth on the Beach. You would run up & get a rock or a shell then run right back to Grandpa & I to show us what your treasure was. It was one of those Sunny but still brisk days at the beach and you were having the time of your life. We had so much fun just watching you to see what you wanted to do next.

Taylor Made: 'Sketch 2' Oscraps
Natali Designs: 'Playing with Word Art Vol 2' Scrapbook Graphics
KSharonKDesigns: Kraft Paper freebie from her blog
Amber Clegg: 'Date it' Scrapbook Artist
Erin Keith: 'Journal this' Elemental Scraps

Tuesday, October 14

New FREE Class! Stories in Hand

Oh I am excited about 'Stories in Hand', I need all the help I can get

when it comes to the 'stories' of what ever event I am scrapping.

Besides did you see it is FREE! WOWZERS

So check it out and join me in a class, sounds fun!!

Sunday, October 12

Sweet Innocence

Scrapbooked with Amber this weekend and finally got a couple of layouts finished!
WOO HOOJournaling reads:
You are such a joy to watch grow, We love to just sit back and watch you explore your world! Here you are sitting on Grami’s quad turning the handle and trying to figure out if you can
‘make it go’! Love the total concentration on your sweet little face. Before we know it you
will be driving us around! (Just kidding on the part where she will be driving us
around, it will be YEARS before she is driving!) lol

Monday, October 6

A little DIRT never HURT!

This is what Kaylie's clothes looked like after a day out planting trees with Grandpa! Daddy was out there supervising but since he has a BIG OWIE he is not allowed to do anything. I of course was on hand too, someone has to be there to take the photos! lolKaylie thinks she is the tractor driver! She is such a good girl, while she would really rather be in Grandpa's lap all the time on the tractor. I told her he can't work the handles and hold her but he would let her ride with him back to the top when we were done. Now I did have to remind her a few times but she never thru a fit, she is so good when you explain things to her. (well unless she is to tired and then LOOK OUT) LOL She thinks she is the tractor driver on this one too! But she just gets to sit and pretend on this one. I am sure she will be out driving it one day but not anytime to soon. In the mean time she can sit here and 'drive' as much as she wants :)
Look at that dirty little hand, just made me chuckle when I saw these little fingers!
Now you can see why she is so dirty, she thought she needed to inspect each and every hole.

Plus we have a big dirt pile up by the tomatoes, which is just perfect for digging in.
So now you know how we spend a beautiful afternoon at Aspen Ridge :)