Sunday, April 27

Finally with the SUN

WOO HOO finally we have some nice weather. So I headed outside, here is my quad with the little wagon we use. Fleeta really wanted to come with me and if she would have stayed with me I would have let her out but heaven only knows what kind of mischief she would have gotten into! lol
So I headed up to the Aspen trees to pick up rock and weed. Paul planted these last year on the 'ridge' of our property, thus the name of our place is 'Aspen Ridge' :)
Here is our 'rock pile' we have these all over the property and the 1st year we picked up soooo many it was crazy. But each year it is less and less (thank heavens) Dad and I did manage to gather 3 wagons, love that it has a dump feature. Makes unloading it so much easier, plus we found if you don't overload it the wheels won't go flat. ha ha Oh my yes we learned that one the hard way!
Love the way wildflowers grow in such a scattered random pattern. I try an mimic this randomness but it always looks forced. Seems I do not have the artistic flair that God has :)Here is a closeup of these dainty little flowers, they are tiny but in a mass they are quite beautiful. I spent the rest of my day hand watering this years crop of trees, TID comes on the 2nd of May THANK HEAVENS!!! It takes forever to water cause you can't turn the water on to high or it will take all the dirt out of the grow bag and you have to fill it up at least twice. But on a beautiful day it really is a nice mindless way to spend some time outdoors. Well that was my Saturday, Sunday was spent cleaning house. You know the kind where you wipe down all the cabinets and get down on your knees and scrub. Not nearly as nice as being out in the beauty of the day but I sure am glad to have it done!!!

Sunday, April 20

Is this April or DECEMBER!!!

Today is Justin's Birthday and we have NEVER had snow on his birthday for heaven sakes! We are doing a BBQ tonight and it is going to be interesting to see how we fit every one in the house instead of inside AND out on the deck!
Here are some of the views from our house today.
1st this is to the south towards Talent and one of the windows in our upstairs computer/office/craft area. Here is our Patio Furniture, we are sooooo ready for some 'Outdoor Living'!!!
This is to the east of the house

Crazy that the sky is so blue this direction (North) and so nasty if you just do a 1/4 turn. The dark line towards the top of the photo is the easement road on the edge of our property for our 4 neighbors. The rows of 'twigs' are the trees we have planted for the last 3 years, we grow them and sell them to the nursery. Last year was our 1st harvest, each year we are getting the planting timing down a little better. We now will just plant back in the same hole of what trees we harvest, we are doing all our trees in grow bags for less shock in transplanting.This view is to the west and off towards Phoenix.

Fleeta is not real happy with the snow covering her grass either!

Here are my poor little tomato plants, Silly me for thinking I was going to get a head start on getting my garden in, I SHOULD KNOW BETTER! The milk bottles covering them is supposed to help protect them. My MIL is a fabulous veggie grower so I always go with what she says will work.
I know I have been missing in action a lot this month, it is Spring (believe it or not) in the Nursery business and 9-10 hour days often 6 days a week are pretty much the norm for us.

We did Kids club at the nursery again yesterday so I will try to get some photos posted soon! Now I need to get some shopping done for the BBQ tonight.

Tuesday, April 8

Most Beautiful

Just another one of the cutie and her daddy. She was totally giggling cause Justin was tickling her. When he stopped she would say tika tika tika cause she wanted him to tickle her more! lol Now she comes up to me and tries to tickle me, she thinks it is totally hilarious if you laugh! When she is sitting on her daddy's lap nothing makes her laugh faster than if I tickle Justin, oh my gosh she just goes into fits of laughter! I love it :)

Cinzia Loosemore's Urban Grunge at The Digi Chick

Cori Gammon's Dirty Notes and Closeline Paper I just picked these up at the digi chick but I when I headed over there to get the link I can't find her in the store? So what is up with that??

Natasha Whitely's Clock at DSSA

Saturday, April 5

Hallelujah Eggs!

Something I want my grandchildren to know about my Mom. Even after all this time, I still miss her so much. What a beautiful woman, inside and out. She had such a love for life and oh my goodness she would have smooched on her Great-grand-babies from here to eternity and back! lol My Mom 'Ruby' taught a private Christian kindergarten from the year I was in 1st grade till after I had kids. Where ever she went little children just seemed to gravitate to her and she loved each and ever one!

This is truly one of the best things about scrapbooking. Keeping memories like this one alive for the future generations and to enjoy the moment of reliving them while creating the layout. Thanks for walking down memory lane with me!

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