Friday, February 29


This is for the I heart U Challenge over at Monique's blog. I am so sloooow that if the challenge is shorter than a month I can never seem to make it! But this one was a month and I made 2, granted this is the LAST day but I made it! lol This one was an easy one but I am still slow finishing. The only requirement was to use 2 items from her free kit I heart U. So the Brown paper is from one of her tags and I just enlarged it since it was solid it worked fine. The pink frame paper and the paper for the bow with a Atomic Cupcake template to make it into a bow! So I used 3 items just to be on the safe side! lol Actually they just seemed to fit perfectly with what I wanted to create! Thanks for looking!
Spring is starting to show it's face here and I for one am so HAPPY to see it! I be loving me some sunshine and blue skies. I realize it is supposed to rain tomorrow but today it is still beautiful :)
Credits are:
Frame on photo - Bow with Atomic cupcake action Paper behind the journaling strips- Brown cut out paper from a tag in Monique's I heart U kit that I just enlarged
Peek a book Grunge paper and flowers by Tracy Ann Digital Arts
Word Art Date and stamp by Jen Wilson
Font: Retro Rock Poster

Thursday, February 28


EDITED:Oh good heavens, see what happens when I try to blog and listen to American Idol at the same time!! MONIQUE not Monica!!!
Monique has a couple of challenges going on and this is one I tried. WOW it was a whole lot harder than I thought it was going to be too! You had to do a title and replace 3 words with pictures. So here is my take on this 'Daddy do you wanna go for a spin in my Car' . Thanks for looking! Credits:
Heidi Williams at Weeds and wildflowers Vintage Charm Kit
Jason Gaylor Grunge Brush
Christine Smith Arrow from nothing girly kit
Brush on Tag by Natalie Malan of PC layers Valentine Boxes (See Jane Scrapbook)
Date Font Ck Thickness
Frame around journaling is Font CK Frames
Dingbat for Car is Eller
Daddy stick figure by ME lol!

Friday, February 22


Love watching the learning process and how you and Jada play, not quite together but almost! :) You are just so intrigued, watching what Jada is going to do next! I just want to scoop you both up and smooch on you, but I know you both just wanna play! Paul and I are in San Francisco right now at the Master Nursery Garden Center's 50th Anniversary. Pretty cool to belong to a co-op of independent garden centers, lots of sharing ideas and a wine tour too! Gotta grab the fun when we can since the 'Season' is almost upon us :)

Credits are:

Flowers & Glitter by Flergs (Megan)

Paper by Franziska from Love Actually Free collaboration of some great designers

Template by Kristie at Scrapmatters

Girlfriends stamp by Katie Pertiet from Designer Digitals

Date paper by Monique from the brag book

date stamp & Flourish by Jen Wilson

Font: Tall Paul

Sunday, February 17

Happy Heart Day! (Finally)

We keep things pretty low key for Valentine's day because we are pretty good at telling each other that we love and appreciate them. Now with that said.....

I will share what fun I had putting things together! I snuck (is snuck even a real word?)this into Paul's Lunch Box this morning. Courtesy of the wonderful Aly over at PC Layers(she made 4 candybar wraps!!).

I know the link says Lori Gardener, she has a freebie on her blog to and is hosting Aly's freebie, what a sweetie she is for doing that too! Then I gave my Dad this one

And Justin, of course got one with a photo of the Love of his Life on it! Yep his cute little girl Kaylie Sue :) This cute wrapper is Courtesy of the fabulous Kayla also one of the PC Layer Gals! You need to check out her blog, I love this Girl!So when I got to work this morning I gave these to my Mil and Fil: I snuck this into Paul's desk at work. Well not this one exactly because I (like a dummy) forgot to take a photo of the one I did but this is where I got the download so it was close. But I am sure Celeste's looks much prettier than mine and her photo sure is a heck of a lot better than the ones I took!

This is what I did for Amber Annie :) She is not a big Chocolate fan so I had to come up with something different for her! I got the template free at Prima Hybrid, the idea from Jess Gordan of Scrapbook Ideas and the paper is by Franziska and from the fabulous free Valentine Kit called Love Actually. Which is a super collaboration of some great designers! Bits and pieces from my paper stash that I have no idea who or what except for the Love which is Creative Imaginations Karen Russell. I still hoard my supply of her stuff and I have a ton of it. She just totally Rocks my Socks, she is a BLAST to take a class from too! lol

Finally I gave this one to Paul at Lunch. Yep we have lunch together everyday in my office, Ok you can all say Awwwww now! lol This is a cadbury candy bar that I had to make my own layout for. Most everything is by Monica, the heart frame, the background paper but I recolored it black since that was the color I seemed to need for this, the cardboard is a piece of her paper that I use an Atomic Cupcake action on. I added the 2nd photo so you could maybe see the background paper a little better. The music is by Tracy Ann Digital Arts and the wordart is by Jessica Sprague. Atomic cupcake to the rescue again with a great paint action.

Whew that was a lot of explaining for just a few things! lol Thanks for sharing Valentine's Day with me :) Sorry that my photos were so stinky, I need to work on not having to rush and get them at the last minute!

Wednesday, February 13

Croppin Fun!

We had so much fun getting together and cropping! It has been Way to long since we had a Crop Day. My daughter hosted it at her place because she has Plenty of room :) Here we are just setting up. I was the only one digi scrapping, my daughter had her laptop out to show us her latest digi creation. She is finishing her Traditional book and has already started her digi one.

Yes they have stamped & stained concrete floors in the kitchen and dining room. That was a huge project they did themselves but it turned out great! I had to get a shot of my open laptop with no mess around me. I was planning on getting some more photos later when the paper gals had a ton of stuff out but umm I forgot!
We had way to much candy and munchies out, sure is easy to grab a few as you walk by. I only wish after I ate it that it would just keep walking and not settle on my hips! lol

Amber is a jewelry making Queen, she makes earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even rings. I have one very talented daughter even if I do say so myself! :)I have been such a bad blogger, if I spent less of my alloted computer time reading blogs and more time blogging it would help! :) I will get some of the layouts posted this week (I hope)

Wednesday, February 6

Fun game over at Monique's Blog

Fun game over at Monique's Blog, check it out and play along!!
I made a Starbucks tumbler yesterday with Kaylie's pictures. I know what a huge surprise that I used photo's of Kaylie! ha ha
I will post a photo of the tumbler later (I have to take it 1st)

Sunday, February 3

2007 the story of my 49th year :)

WOW I just told everyone I am going to be 50 this year! ha ha I have friends that are also turning the big 50 this year who have some crazy plans of how they are celebrating! One is going to get her eyeliner TATTOOED ON! YIKES can we say CRAZY or what, holy mackerolie no stinking way! lol
I just plan on doing what I normally do on my birthday, have dinner, spend time with the family and call it good!
This is the 1st layout I have ever done about myself, Michelle Godin was having a challenge (that was a while ago) and I thought I would play along. But I am just now getting this posted. I love the photo of my dh and I on our 30th anniversary, yep we are crazy happy together.

Can you see how much fun Amber and I tend to have when we are together? Yep we have a blast, the route 5 Scrapbooking weekend(the photo of us together grinning like crazy) was tons of fun and they are planning this years to be just as much if not more full of fun!

Journaling reads:

1. Our House(love being out in the country FINALLY)
2. Kaylie, Justin, Fleeta(this was the 1st time Kaylie met Fleeta, they were both quite taken with each other)
3. 30 years of Love(Love that man more now than ever)
4. My 95 year old Grama(I sure hope I have lots of her blood running thru my veins, she has always been my prayer warrior)
5. Vacation trip at Canon Beach(finally got a chance to get away for a short vacation, nice time spent with my hubby)
6. Amber & I at Route 5 (we had so much fun and are looking forward to the next one)
7. Beautiful rainbow off our deck (I will never tire of the view from our deck, winter - spring - summer or fall)
8. Paul surprised me by stopping so I could take a photo of my ‘favorite’ spot. (whenever we drive by this place I always say how I love it, he just stopped one day because he knew I wanted to take pictures of it)
9. Our last time at my Grama’s house (This was a hard trip, the last time we were in my grammas house. she is now in a beautiful new assisted living place. But this was our last tie to Sweet Home and our last time in a home we spent so much time and made so many good memories in)
10. My 49th (and last, lol) Birthday (Birthday at my MIL's house)
11. Papa, Kaylie and Justin (Love that we have so many generations living so close together)12. Trip to Bandon and my 1st time taking the laptop(weekend trip to Bandon to pick up furniture for the nursery)

Credits are:
Template by Simply Yin - Deacon Kit by Flergs - Brushes by Jason Gaylor