Wednesday, June 27

Silly - Funny - Faces!

Ok, a totally funny layout, Kaylie was just being so silly and we were all just cracking up!! Were my kids so much fun? Probably but I think sometime we are so 'involved' with LIFE we miss the small details. Plus don't ya think we as scrapbookers, photographers and/or history keepers 'seek out' the little details?KWIM? Or maybe it is just because I am a Gramma lol

I know I say this over and over but we just cherish every minute we have with our little red-headed bundle of energy! lol

Love this new sort of serious face she is doing, then she breaks into a big ole smile sort of like she is saying 'Ha, Ha, Just Kidding!!'.

Love this film cluster by Gina Miller, tons of fun to play with :)

Credits are:
Filmstrip frames from Don't be Negative & Paper from Essential Primaries by Gina Miller

fonts Bracket -Broken Ghost -

Journaling - Joyful Juliana by Kimberly Geswein -

block CK Big Al -

Father's Day (ok I know I am a bit behind) lol

Ok, so I sort of got behind this week! OOPS :) Well finally here are some photos of Father's Day on the Hill. Justin and Kaylie (we were soooo glad to have her) He spends most of his time with her in his arms, Man he loves that little girl. I am so proud of the Daddy he is!!
Blowing on her tummy, she laughs and loves it when he does 'Flying Baby' with her! That little one has no fear :)
She gets to meet Morial for the 1st time. Now Morial was my 1st grand baby, a furry one but I still love her. She is totally spoiled and really only likes a very 'select' few people. None of which are 'little' ones. Justin as you can see kept his hand close, no way in the world Morial would bite but he was not taking any chances!!

Going for a stroll out to see Fleeta (Justin's Horse) Kaylie loves being on the move and she loves going out to see Fleeta! What a cool stroller, a gift from Mark and Jini Danis, good friends of ours.
Here are my 'boys' and my sweet daughter. Her hubby was spending the day with his Dad. Check out that spiffy new shirt we got my Dad for Father's Day. He was chomping at the bit to get out to the Dance!
Paul's older brother John and his wife Cynthia, we work together and still get along, pretty amazing if ya ask me!

And my sweet Mother in Law and Great Father in Law. God sure blessed me with those two! No we don't always agree on everything but for the most we do and when we don't it is just not a big deal. KWIM??

Monday, June 18

Happy Birthday Amber

Ok so I jumped the gun with the Father's Day card, but I just could not help myself, so now we need to back up a couple of days!! :)

28 years ago Paul and I brought this tiny little girl home from the hospital. I had a sudden fear, I had no idea how to take care of a baby. My mom came down and Amber spent her 1st night sleeping on my Momma's chest. Mom would bring her to me when she was hungry. It was soooo nice because you know how you are just craving sleep! I was 20 at the time. We figured out our routine and except for a few high school years (whew glad we are past that, hee hee) she has been nothing but wonderful. Totally my best girlfriend. :)

Gram brought over some beautiful flowers from her yard. Nothing like fresh cut flowers to add to the table. I can hardly wait to get some flowers planted in this 'yard' of ours!

We had a BBQ Friday night with family out on our deck, super great weather for enjoying the evenings. This is the only 'group' shot that turned out at all, everyone else was making 'odd' faces or totally blurry! Sometimes I am enjoying the evening so much I sort of forget the photos! YIKES!!!!

Gram is also the queen of baskets. I swear she has a vast storage of baskets in her basement. She stuck in a couple of jars of pickled green beans because she knows we all covet them! Spicy and just a bit hot, oh soooo good.

Amber is such a good sport, I totally missed her blowing out the candles because the door to my camera card was open. So she acted the blowing out again for me, not once but twice!! Lance and Amber are buying patio furniture for their back deck so she mostly got those flat thin envelopes with the green stuff inside to help towards the furniture!
So that's Friday night of our crazy weekend, I will post Saturday later. Kaylie comes tonight so I don't think I will be on the computer much :)

Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day!

What a super fantastic Day! Beautiful weather and time with the wonderful Father's in my life. My Husband, My Son, My Dad, My Father-in-law, My Brother-in-Law. All really great men and great examples. Just missing my Brother but I am sure he had a great day too. I feel truly blessed :)

I will post more photos tomorrow but I just had to show you this Father's Day card I made for Kaylie to give to her Daddy.

I got a new Shine gift from Shandy Vogt so I had to try it out. WHAT fun it was to use.

Credits are:

Shandy Vogt: Background from If you Dare to be a baby and the awesome grungy FotoFX that I got as a FANTASTIC Shine gift. She has not even released them in her store yet!!

Jen Adams Donnelly at Designer Digitals word Art: My Heart belongs to Daddy

Nancie Rowe Janitz at Scrap Artist: Inked Edge

Wednesday, June 13

Just Hanging out with Dad

Some fun photos of Justin and Kaylie, there is nothing he likes more than just spending time with her. Watching how she reacts to 'life' :)

And of course I love watching the two of them, discover things together!

She was just cracking us up most of the day. She has discovered making sounds gets quite a reaction out of everyone so of course it delights her. I can't really describe it but it is a squeal/squeak and at the same time it is a very HAPPY sound! So it always draws smiles out of whoever is close by!!

Justin was letting her smell the roses, but was talking to her about how they have thorns so not to touch them. The 2nd Rose Kaylie smelled she must have thought smelled REALLY GOOD because she decided to try a BITE of it. Hee Hee Justin didn't let her get quite that close but it sure looked like she was READY!!

I popped in randomly to snap a photo (or 20) but pretty much stayed out of his way. He needs time to just be with her, just the two of them. He is hungry for every moment he gets. And we all know just how fast these moments fly by and how quickly they grow.

Credits are:

Kit La Chicka by Jomi van Bekkum

Swass Swirl and Swass Alpha by Shandy Vogt

Font Amber Script by Kimberly Geswein

Inked Edge overlay by Nancie Rowe Jantz

Sunday, June 10

10 Months

I can hardly believe how the time has just flown by! Kaylie is already 10 months old, Good Golly how did that happen so quickly??

She is just a joy and we can not seem to quit smooching on those cute little cheeks! Ha ha who can blame us?

She loves it when Justin walks with her, those little legs move pretty fast. Gramma is going to have to pick her up a couple more pairs of shoes here pretty soon too!

This is a TOTAL 'lift' of a layout by Shandy Vogt. I just love her style :)

Credits are:

Shandy Vogt

Swass Mask Template

& Papers - Not so Simple Solids

Nancie Rowe Janitz (at ScrapArtists) - Inked Edge overlay (Love this!)

Fonts: You are Loved and It ain't Rocket Science by Kimberly Geswein (I always seem to use Kimberly's fonts, they just work soooo well!)

Wednesday, June 6

Beautiful Places

This is one of my most favorite spots on the way to Central Oregon. We drive by it each time we go up to visit my Brother and family. Love it no matter what season it is. Paul knows how beautiful I think this spot is so he pulled over (without me asking!!) and said let's get out so you can take a picture!!

WOO HOO now how stinking sweet is that?

So the next stop on our little trip was 'The Gorge' another amazing natural spot. Another awesome creation of our Father and more proof of what an amazing artist He is :)! Can you just imagine what the settlers thought when they saw this?

Check out that cave, I tried to zoom in to see if anything was living in it but couldn't see any sign of life. I laughed and said if something happened to fly out while I was zoomed in I would probably 'fly' myself! lol

I snapped a couple of photos then we took a hike down this little trail, not a hard hike just about 5 miles round trip. But it was simply beautiful, you totally felt like you were secluded. Well ummm except for the cabins scattered here and there. But the only sign of life was a dog and thank heavens he was tied up! Looked like a cross between a husky and a WOLF!! :) So that is the end of our weekend, had a wonderful much needed relaxed time. :)

Monday, June 4

Weekend Camping at Lemolo Lake

Well Amber says it is not really Camping, it is just 'Kinda Camping' because we camp in our Motor home, ha ha It is the ONLY way I want to camp! Love the ease and love not sleeping on a cot! We did plenty of that and I guess I sound old but I LOVE IT!! :) Just in case you have never heard of Lemolo Lake, it is just about 15-20 minutes north of Diamond Lake. It is a cold mountain lake but people do ski on it, in fact we have in the past!
So here is a view of our campsite. National Forest Service Campground so no hook-ups but you get a super clean place and it is usually very quiet. This trip we made the mistake of camping by the 'yellers' ya know the kind that sit on there rears and yell at the kids across the camp the entire time! GOOD GOLLY!

We of course had a few of these little guys come by for some nuts, man they really got gutsy and came in within inches of us. They can scamper away pretty quickly so I guess they are not to scared. Fun entertainment to watch them wait for you to throw a nut down. Sort of reminds me of Amber's little dog! hee hee She will sort of do a little tap dance if you are not giving her enough attention. Well this Chipmunk got up on the picnic table and sort of danced around to get us to throw more nuts, ha ha ha it sure worked!!

These wild iris's were everywhere, so cool that everyone didn't pick them. Ya know it is tempting but sure nice for everyone to see!

We walked down to the Lake, we were on the shore side so you could see it from the camp. BRRR that is some stinking cold water! Good for a quick dunk but that is about it. The kids were not even swimming so that tells you just how cold it really was :)
We stopped by Diamond Lake on the way home so I had to snap a photo.
I gotta run and get to work but I will post the rest of our trip tomorrow!