Wednesday, October 28

Tutu Girl

I am finally getting the photos of Kaylie in her little Red Tutu and yes she loves it! lol Check out the red boots! lol
I made her a tutu to go with her Tinker Bell costume and I will post those after halloween!

Cool Clock

Once in a while I run across something I think is just FUN and this clock fits the picture :)

Wednesday, October 14


Most of you know just how much I have been missing green grass at home! You would think with the big field I would be ok without grass but NO WAY I just have to have some grass. It is coming in nicely and Paul has a new mower so come Spring we will be all set!

Saturday, October 3

Harvest Fair

Fun times at the Harvest Fair last weekend with the little missy!

Things Kaylie likes right now

Reading a book to herself

Getting Mail

Going for a Quad Ride

Picking tomatoes

Giving Fleeta Hay - 'I want to give 'my Fleeta' some hay, she's my friend'

Doing anything with Auntie Amber, she LOVES her Auntie

Helping Nami Bake in the Kitchen, but really it's 'licking' the beaters she is after! lol

We are going to make a Tu Tu this weekend so be watching for photos. :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!