Thursday, November 29

Great Grandma's Necklace

Great Grandma Caroline has a pretty necklace that Kaylie REALLY REALLY LIKED! Well actually she was kind of obsessed with it :) Check out the look on her face when her Daddy tells her to be gentle with Grandma's necklace. Who me, I am totally innocent of pulling really hard on to to see if I could get it off! lol
Justin was doing a really good job of keeping little missy entertained, he even 'allowed' OTHER people to hold Kaylie! hee hee Love how much he loves that little girl!
On a side note and just something I want to remember. When Kaylie has been here a few minutes she comes over to me and wants to be picked up (which of course I LOVE) As soon as I pick her up she starts pointing toward the kitchen saying Mah, Mah, Mah. Now this is not Mine or Mom it is MORE lol. She knows Grami will go to the kitchen and get her some fruit or some cheese. She is a bit of a much mouth :) but we keep good stuff for her to snack on so I have no problem getting her Mah! If I don't head into the kitchen quickly enough she sort of drops her head toward her arm in hopes that will help get her point across, it just cracks me up!

Tuesday, November 27


By now most of you know I have a 'bit' of an 'Obsession' with Sunrises and Sunsets. Yesterday morning's Sunrise was spectacular! It changes so quickly that you have to grab you camera and start shooting or you miss it. the 1st photo is right out of the camera. This one is touched up a little bit with Boutwell's totally rad actions. It is going to take me a bit to learn how to use them but oh my gosh they sure are awesome!
That's all, just one for the journal so when my great great grand kids look at this photo they will know how much I loved sunrises and sunsets :) (how's that Kayla???) lol

Monday, November 26

Kaylie and her Big Bag of Balls

Ok the 'little miss' now knows if she drags the entire bag of balls out she can usually get someone to open them for her. Jada was over the other day and started bringing out the entire bag so ever since that Kaylie thinks it is a really fun plan! Here they are ok, come on someone come open this up for me!
Auntie Amber how can you resist this face.....please Auntie Amber can I have some more :)
Ok now I am armed with one in each hand and I am heading back for more!
This was the fun start to a completely great Day. I have many more pictures to share but this is a good start. Kaylie was just so darn cute in her little denim jumper too. What a good girl she was, I am not kidding she did not fuss at all! The only time she even made ANY kind of a cranky sound was when Daddy would not let her do something she wanted to. And even then it was more of a 'ugh, I really wanted to do that but, OH WELL'!

Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving

This is the invite I sent out to all the family for Thanksgiving Dinner. We have a LOT of family and I always want everyone to know they are welcome here :)
So very many things to be thankful for, on this Thanksgiving Day! We get to have little Miss Kaylie Sue ALL DAY. Yep you heard me right, we get her from 10am till 5pm!! WOO HOO, so very excited!
This is the Christmas outfit we picked up for Kaylie on our Vacation, Gotta love Kids Gap outlet stores!! :) But as you can see Kaylie was not really 'into' a photo shoot! This is the best of the bunch, the rest of the photos are of the side of her face or the back of her head! lol But she kept the little cap on all the time and didn't even mess with it. :)

So with this I will head down and put my Turkey in the oven, hope you are all having a wonderful day. Either celebrating Thanksgiving or just being Thankful :) Hugs!

Monday, November 19


We just got back from vacation (more about that later) and how fabulous is this to come home to?? I got a Rak from FLERG!! She has some of the most amazing BLING in her store and can you believe this is her 1st attempt at making papers??? LOVE THEM :) She really is the Queen of BLING, head over to her blog for some free glitter!! You heard me, Awesome glitter styles and she is GIVING them away! But don't say I didn't warn you, once you get a tiny little taste of this stuff you will be CRAVING more!! lol

Sunday, November 11

Playing Chase

This photo just made me giggle so I figured it was a good one to scrap. Justin loves to say to Kaylie 'I'm gonna get you' with his hands out in front ready to tickle and oh Kaylie just grins, then takes off running! It is so stinking cute :)
Seeing my Dad in the background of this photo laughing, just made it all the better. Everything stops when Kaylie is here and all our attention is on her. She is growing and changing so quickly, no one wants to miss a moment.
Credits are:
Flerg's (Megan) - Diamond swirls
Jackie Eckles - Gold paper
Lori Barnhurst - Stitches
Kate Teague - sewn blooms
KSharonK Designs - Note paper
Mary Ann Wise - double take Giggle
Natasha - Retro acid
Vera Lim - Magic (Swirlie's & Stardust)

Tuesday, November 6

Planting Kaylie's Tree

Sorry it has been another 'gap' in my blogging!! Man we have been busy! But it is good so I am not complaining (well not much anyway). lol
I have wanted to get Kaylie's tree planted since her 1st birthday and she just turned 15 months, so we are only 3 months behind! This is a tradition we wanted to start for all of our Grandkids and since we only have one right now, Kaylie gets to be the 1st!!
We planted a Mimosa / Silk Tree for a few reasons. 1st it blooms around Kaylie's birthday in July so that is fun and 2nd because it is one of her Daddy's favorite trees. You can see it right out of the dinning room and kitchen windows so it will be enjoyable to watch it grow.
I plan on taking a photo of her with it every year to see how much they both have grown!
Speaking of growing, look how big she is getting!! Oh my she is growing up so FAST!
Justin, Kaylie, Grandpa and Papa all looking at the tree to see if it is 'turned' and 'placed' right.

Yep, she knows it is her tree and wants to pull on the leaves already. This will NOT be a tree to hang a swing in! But we do have plenty of Oak Trees for that. :)
I loved this one, Justin is so cute as a Daddy. He didn't want her to fall over and get dirty! ha ha ha Oh my gosh if he could just remember how DIRTY he used to get.
This is the photo I was going for, the one that will show how big the tree is and how big Kaylie is, this is the one I will want to scrap about planting her own tree.
How funny is this, Paul was moving the quad since I didn't want it in all the photos. I just love the way they are both bend over looking, I don't know, it just tickled me!
Speaking of tickled, Justin is laughing at me making faces and sounds to get Kaylie to look at the camera! While Kaylie is much more interested in the little branch I had just thrown down!
I will try and do better this week.
Plus I still owe you guys photos of all the cards we have been working on!