Friday, February 27

Play Play Play

Amber and I are trying to finish enough layouts for another Artscow book cause her coupon expires Wednesday! YIKES I have a TON of layouts of Kaylie but they are scattered thru the year with some holes mixed in. So we need to fill in those holes and make 2 books for 2008! I just hope we can finish enough to do at least one 1/2 of the year.

Yes I used another TaylorMade template, I LOVE her style. She is having a CT call and I am thinking about trying for a spot(but I bet she will have a gazillion gals trying out). I like that she does not demand posting on boards cause I am not great at doing that. I love Digiscrapping 101 and that is about the only place I spend any time. I am enjoying being on Teri's CT, she is also one who is not demanding. I think they are both busy gals and understand most of us are busy with life too!

This is a layout from March of 2008, Kaylie had put a bunch of toys in a box and was happily playing with them. It is so much fun to just sit back and watch her play. Her latest thing is getting different outfits out and deciding what to wear! oh heaven help us :) I have to get a few photos of that one next.
Credits are:
TaylorMade - Template
TaylorMade - cutie pie word art
Tracy Ann - Verse Background paper
Sande Krieger - Paint Line
Play font - Base 02

Thursday, February 26

A quick layout for Valentine's Day

A quick layout for Valentines day! LOVE the frame cluster by Dani Mogstad, wish I could cluster like that!
We had a fun Evening with the little missy, her Daddy got her a 'little Pony' to add to her collection. Her reaction was 'ahhhh tuoote' which is Kaylie talk for Ahhh Cute. :) This was on Thursday because this was not our weekend with Kaylie, so we just celebrated a little early.

Paul and I went out to dinner to a new place for us and it was YUMMY. BBQ the kind your mouth just waters for plus a bonus was the band our neighbor is in just happened to be playing! SCORE!! It was a nice and different evening for us, we rarely go out alone :) and I forgot my camera! :( oh well it was fun and you just have to take my word for it! lol

Credits are:
Taylor made - wordart
Dani Mogstad_valentine cluster
Flergs distressed edges
Kikis Digital cafe freebie - distressed overlay
Polka Dot Plum - journal piece

Tuesday, February 24

Project 365 Week 5

Here I am again trying to catch up! lol I did get some photo books made and hope to be getting them in the mail this week. Plus I have made some QP's for Teri. I have also posted on the Nursery blog so you see I have not really just been sitting on my rear doing nothing :) Credits are:
Most everything from SHABBY PRINCESS's CUDDLEBUG Kit
Staple - Flergs
Date labels and circles Kayla Lamoreaux
funky frame - Lauren Reid
Template - Moriginals
Wordart - Penny Springman
Stitches - Natali Design
Note paper Weeds and Wildflowers

Tuesday, February 17

P365 update

Ya I know SLACKER!! I am just about ready to post all my P365 layouts. As you know our family business is a Landscape Nursery (I say landscape so you know I am not in daycare) :) and this is just starting into our season. Since the fire this past August I am now dealing with new programs or newer versions and it seems to be taking me a LOT longer!! lol
Plus Amber and I just put together 7 photo books so that took a bit of time too, ya excuses, excuses!! hee hee oh well here is my week four with 5 and 6 to follow shortly!
I will have to list the credits when I get on my other computer later this evening!
OH and if you get a chance stop by this blog and say hi!
Ok here are the credits!
Staple Katie Hadfield
Elements Creating Keepsakes
Date Labels and Circles Kayla Lamoreaux
Button Lisa Whitney
Paper Word strips- Word art & Border Weeds & Wildflowers
Zig Zag stitches Shabby miss Jenn
Paint Fei Fei
Starburst stitches Jasmin-Olya

Thursday, February 5

Project 365 Week 3

I know I am behind on my layouts, not my pictures but getting them in layouts yes! And we are just STARTING into the busy season at WORK! lol

Credits are:
Everything from Teri Mayo's kit Plum crazy in Love an exclusive kit for VIP members at Digital Arts Cafe
Except for
The stitching which is from Teri's Kinda Funky Kit

The Date labels from Kayla Lamoreaux
The Happy Thoughts word art from Sue Cummings
The Staples by Flergs in The Daily Digi January Kit

Sunday, February 1

NICE Surprise!!

I always check out The Daily Digi, love the tips and Janet Phillips is just one of those gals you enjoy reading about.

I decided to buy the grab bag for January and MAN OH MAN I am glad I did, what a FABULOUS deal. Now I can hardly wait till the February grab bag is ready!

Much to my great surprise and HONOR as I was looking thru the blog, I came across one of MY layouts! WOO HOO put a huge ole smile on my face :) So I figured I had best get it posted here too :)

Credits are:
Sue Cummings Happy Thoughts
Paislee Press - Date

Everything else from the Daily Digi January Grab Bag.

Flergs - Notepaper - Paint - Background paper
Melissa Bennett - Red Frame - Sweetie tag
Shabby Miss Jen - Leaves - Button - Flower - Tag - Lace
Pineapple Plantation - Stitches
Vera Lim - Acrylic Frame - Music overlay