Friday, March 28

Spring Snow!

This is what it looks like outside my window right now.
Ok I realize it is Spring in Oregon and I should be use to the changing weather
but Come on now. I am ready for SUNSHINE! lol I took this photo last week so that proves just how changing the weather has been.
Last week was more of the Nice Sunny Spring weather I love and the Magnolias
starting to bloom just brightened my spirits!So who knows what tomorrow will hold! :)

Monday, March 24

Kaylie's 1st Egg Hunt!

Ha ha I took 147 photos of Kaylie doing an Easter Egg Hunt! Don't worry I didn't post them all, but I sure had a heck of a time trying to narrow down my list! I managed to whittle it down to 12 but that was as low as I could go. :)
This was just so much fun, Kaylie was REALLY into the egg hunt. I wasn't sure she would be, especially since it didn't work out for her little friends to come and hunt with her. But she was having a blast, I don't know who had more fun, the little 'muggie wumpus' or the 6 Adults watching her every move! ha ha
She totally started out with a bang. As soon as she saw the 1st egg she was off and running, or wobbling since the ground is a bit uneven out in our field.Love this, she is saying 'wow' which is one of her words that totally tickles us. There is Auntie Amber and Daddy following her. This is the look Justin has on his face most of the time he spends with his little sweetie, a big GRIN :) Just look at these Auntie, aren't they COOL!Hey Dad, I think there is something in here.Oh wow Dad, do you see all the eggs I have left to pick up!
I had better keep my eye on them to make sure no squirrels get any.
Just a little help pointing out some more eggs, it looks like Justin and Gramps are pointing at different eggs. If you look closely at this photo you can see a bit of candy stuck on her lip!
No way man, these are mine and you can't catch me.
I had better run to the next egg before it gets away!Come on Daddy and Grampa, I will race you to the next egg!
Hee hee can you believe all this fun! This is another funny thing she has started, she will laugh and bend over in the middle like it is so funny she can't stand it. This is usually followed by her covering her mouth and laughing more, which just causes us to laugh harder! Hi Grami, I am having soooo much fun! Can we do this everyday???Hmmmm Gram, I think I had better get a closer look at this one! Sorry Fleeta, no candy for you but I will give you a little love :) OK that is the egg hunt for 2008, I did take some video of her too!
But that will have to wait for another day.

Friday, March 21

Cheesy Grin!

Kaylies new thing is a funny Cheesy Grin that always makes us laugh! I got this set of photos the other day that just steps you thru her process, Cracks me up!

1st here she is looking at me, like What are you Doing Grami?
2nd on to' Oh you are going to take a photo of me' well that is good,
I will give you a...... Big goofy Cheesy Grin! Oh this make us laugh every time!
We are going to to an Egg Hunt on Saturday and I am way more excited about it than Kaylie is! Oh the Photos!! WOO HOO! lol

Tuesday, March 18

The Shiner!

I finally did a bit of scrapping! WOO HOO I really need to work on our house building album
and or our regular life album. But it seems to me to be so much more interesting to scrap,
none other than.......Kaylie!! Ha ha Like anyone is surprised at that!
Your Daddy about had a fit when he saw your eye, talk about a Papa Bear! lol
He thought you were way to young to get bumps and bruises.
Oh my, I told him if you are anything like he was it won't be your last! He had a bump on his noggin all the time and if not on his noggin then on a knee, shin or elbow.
That calmed him down plus the fact that you are one tough little Chickie.
You totally crack me up when you bump into something or fall down. Unusually you look at whoever is closest like 'hey! Why did you push me' ha ha or you just crack up.
You are such a funny happy little girl. Credits are:
Background paper by ksharonk designs at Pickleberry Pop
Patterned paper by Annie Langpap July free kit at 2Ps
Vintage Frame by Gina Cabrera
Flourish by Jenna Desai Whimsical delights kit at the lily pad
Pink Glitter Alpha by Misty Cato
Date Stamps by Amber Clegg at Scrapartists
Photo Wrap by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals
Font by Allie Hoopes Kolbi-One-Kanobi

Monday, March 17

My Grandmother

My Grandmother is 95 and will be turning 96 on April 21st.
I have spent most of my life calling her by her name ‘Artie Mae’ because while grandma was ok, she preferred that no one would really think she was old enough to be a grandmother! lol
She has never been a soft cuddly sort of grandmother, but more a solid rock. I know she has prayed for me every day of my life. Now think about that, EVERY day!! To me that is a very awesome thing. She is my Prayer Warrior in the true sense of the word.
At almost 96 she is still very sharp and quick witted. And she just had a Heart Attack, which would have been the end of most people her age. But not my grandmother, she is expected to make almost a FULL recovery! Is that not completely amazing!
While still in the hospital one of the nurses had to give her some pills to take. My grandmother said 'well this is just a crock', later the nurse asked if that was what she really said. When I said yep, the nurse said, well I agree it really is a crock! Then they were having problems with her bed so they took it all the way to the top position, down to the bottom, back to the top and then where it needed to be. I asked her if she felt like she was on a carnival ride, she said no, just felt like I was straddling a horse! I thought the nurse was going to fall over laughing! ha ha
She said to me while she was still in the Hospital ‘If I live, I need to come down and go shopping' What a HOOT!!!
I told her that Amber and I would take her where ever she wanted to shop.
I really, really love that woman :)
Some photos from Christmas, Here she has both of her great-great grandchildren.
This series of photos just crack me up. 1st they are both looking at a couple of Kaylie's toys and Artie is, I am sure, telling Kaylie some big story!
(she used to tell us the best 'bear' stories) lol

Now She is making Kaylie's toy talk in some funny deep voice
ha ha ha, look at those two look at each other! I was laughing so hard I could hardly take the photos! Kaylie was not sure what to think of Artie but she was totally entertained! While Artie's hair is no longer that color naturally, it is the color she was born with. So you can see where Kaylie's Auburn hair comes from! Justin has that exact same color when he grows a beard.
Just wanted to share a bit of why I think my Grandmother Artie Mae is such a special person. She had 5 generations in her hospital room (thank heavens it was a large room)

While I know she has a place in Heaven waiting for her, I am really glad God decided she was not finished here on Earth. And while I know it is me being selfish, it makes my heart hurt to think of her not here with us.

I am thrilled she is here for a while longer :)

Thursday, March 13


Kaylie had already eaten her breakfast but she thought Daddy might have something she missed! lol
I only managed 4 photos of Kaylie today because Daddy was having so much fun, just being 'Dad'. Oh well there is always tomorrow, gosh that sounds so nice, we get to take Kaylie to Church tomorrow!! Kaylie had to go back to her Mom's at 6 so she missed most of the celebration, but there will be many many more :)

We had a few friends over to celebrate the blessing of more time with KAYLIE!! This little one is going to be one of Kaylie's friends for life. It is fun to see them growing up together.
Kids and toys were EVERYWHERE and yes, I loved every minute of it. :)It is so great to know that Justin has these guys to raise kids with. Kaylie is right in between Jada and Addy in age so I imagine they will be the three musketeers!

Addy's mommie had to work so I actually got some time to play with her. When I asked her if she wanted something she would say 'no way man' then take the snack and say 'yan you'. It was totally sweet.We put quite a dent in that cake! Love that the weather is changing, we always have more BBQ's in the Summer cause we are OUTSIDE people. We love having friends drop by and hang out!

So this was the 1st Saturday Justin had Kaylie. I know there are not many photos of those two but Justin had the time of his life, his grin was permanent on his face.

Wednesday, March 12

So much has happened!

Since I posted last, soooo much has happened! Here is part of the gang who came to Court to support Justin in trying to get more time with his daughter. We had about 20 friends and family members come to testify, to pray and just to support us. It was such a total blessing and yes Justin gets more time with Kaylie. Our justice system is a big wonky when a Dad wants to be there in all aspects for his daughter and we have to go to court to get that to happen.
But God is so good that even when 'man' lets us down He is there to love and support us.
I want to thank everyone again for all the prayers!