Friday, January 30

Kinda Funky Kit by Teri Mayo

I am trying to get all of 2008 scrapped so I can put a book together for Kaylie, here is another Pool layout cause for 2.5 months she was in the pool every day we had her! lol I used Teri Mayo's Kinda Funky kit on this one.
Credits are:
Everything from "Kinda Funky" by Teri's Thing-O-My-Jigs designer Teri Mayo

the butterfly stamp by Karen Russell - Polka Dot Potato
the date stamp - Amber Clegg - ScrapArtist

Tuesday, January 27

This is one I almost forgot to share, Kaylie and Carson. He is my niece's little guy so I think that makes them second cousins? They were pretty dang cute together :)Sue Cummings White Wash Paper
Absolutly Family wordart Sue Cummings
Sweet Childhood_Vicki and Taylortogether_Vicki and TaylorFamily Ties_Vicki and Taylor
fibers Jen Wilson Nostalgia
Cherish Jen Wilson Nostalgia
Staple Flergs rough and tumble
TaylorMade Stitched & Stated Frames

Saturday, January 24

Don't Miss Out On THIS!

So this was a one time coupon! oops I had no idea they did that, here I was trying to Advertise for them :( I had my book all ready to order and put my code in only to get THIS COUPON HAS ALREADY BEEN USED! Crapola, I did email them but I have not heard anything back. Totally bummed cause now it will be $30. I am checking into doing a ArtsCow book, they offer your 1st one for only $6.99 and I have read from other scrappers that their books are good too. I will post what I find out. - Brooke

Oh you do not want to miss this, especially if you are like me and still have NEVER done a hardback book. I want to and I am GOING to this time cause I can try it for FREE!! Oh ya baby

It says:
Get Started Today at
To enjoy your special offer:
Sign up for your free Shutterfly account (or sign in if you're already a member)
Upload your photos
Create an 8x8 photo book
Enter promotion code CK47-9FHU-ZNG2-0R777N at checkout to redeem your FREE* photo book offer. Offer expires February 28, 2009

Fine print:
*Offer expires February 28, 2009. Free 8x8 photo book includes initial set of 20 pages. Offer good on all Shutterfly 8x8 photo books with photo cover. All incremental pages will be charged on a per page rate. Premium licensed photo books (including Martha Stewart Photo Books & Adventure Photo Books), as well as leather and padded photo books are not included in this offer. Taxes, shipping and handling charges will apply.

Friday, January 23

Photo Tag

My friend Beth sent me a photo challenge, the rules are:
Go to where you store your photos on your computer.
Go to the SIXTH folder and pick the SIXTH photo.
Post that photo on your blog along with a SHORT story about it.
Tag SIX people and leave a comment on their blog or email them letting them know you chose them.
Only this is the 5th photo not the 6th cause I only had 5 photos in my 6th folder! You really DON'T want to know how many folders of photos I have. Thank Heavens for Carbonite :)

Kaylie LOVES to be all snuggled in our bed for her nap. She will fall asleep in a flash as long as she is cozy and can still SEE me or Justin. Who ever is putting her down for her nap just has to sit at the computer where she can have a straight view and she is off to dreamland. Heaven forbid if you should get up before she falls asleep cause you would think the world had come to an end! lol It is a good time for me to catch up on my Digi Scrapping, it is the ONLY time I get on the computer when she is around.

These are the gals I am tagging, have fun and I will be watching for the photos!

1. Amber

2. Laura Plunk

3. Lauren

4. Liv

5. Teri

6. Laura-Dolcepics

Tuesday, January 20

I have the pleasure of creating a couple of layouts with Teri Mayo's new kit 'He Loves Me'. So of course I had to do a layout with Paul and I, especially because my good friend Laura took this photo and I LOVE it. That is not something that happens very often. lol

This layout just sort of came together, I love it when that happens! I also love when a kit has some diverse elements so you can pick and choose different pieces for different looks. What a great kit and what a sweet gal Teri is! Credits are:
Every thing from Teri Mayo's new kit He Loves Me!

Except for
Paint - Fei Fei's Stuff
Fonts:Desperado! - He Loves ME
Bambino - Date
Em - still and 30 years later

Sunday, January 18

Etsy & Amber

How cool is this! Amber is now selling her jewelry on Etsy, I love it. She only has a few designs loaded now but is working on getting more in her Etsy shop.
Check it out here: Diva Designs
I am really excited for her and a bit impressed even if she is my kiddo :)

Saturday, January 17

Crazy about Rocks

Kaylie can't seem to walk outside without picking up some rocks. At least now she is not trying to pick up ones that are as big as she is! These photos are from last June and yes I am just now getting them scrapped! lol I have made more layouts in the last 3 months than I have in a LONG time. Feels good to be getting some finished, I really want to do a photo book and also get them printed for Kaylie's Scrapbook. Credits are:
Frame - Sue Cummings & Paper -(layered and recolored)
Wordart - Taylormade
Date Stamp - Lace stamp - Paint Fei Fei's Stuff
Pink heart pin - Gina Cabrera
Brush - Obsidian Dawn
Rock Hunting Font - Rusted Plastic

Tuesday, January 13

Project 365 - Crystal Wilkerson's kit

My 2nd week of Project 365, I will be able to share week one with you soon and I am pretty excited to tell you all about it. But it will have to wait for a few more days!

This FABULOUS kit was given to me by Crystal Wilkerson of 2 peas in a bucket, LOVE these colors and I am a sucker for a kit with Orange. It comes with templates too so this was a SUPER easy layout to put together! Crystal gave it to us over at Digi Scrapbooking 101, she wanted some people to use it and help her get her name out there before it went into her store. Just another WONDERFUL benefit of belonging to the Digi Scrapbooking 101 site :)

I decided to keep my journaling font the same thru this entire project and to keep the Week of and the Date all in the same font so that it will flow a little. Other than that I don't plan on keeping it uniform. Just like a scrapbook with different layouts. I think I might get bored with it if I could not change things. But I might find it is more than what I can keep up with and then I will re-think my plan! lol

Journaling page 1:
Thursday - Little miss space cadet totally zoning out while watching her Veggie Tales or Care Bears movie. Her tricycle is a little big for her but it certainly doesn't seem to slow her down!

Friday - Kaylie loves her Farm - Set we got her for Christmas, especially when she can get Grandpa and Daddy to play with her. She calls it Farm - Set, not Farmset, two separate words with a definite pause in the middle. I think that is what Paul called it the 1st time they played with it and that just stuck with her.

Saturday - Check out how Kaylie is STYLIN’ here! Jeans and a thermal shirt cause it is January and cold, then add a Hawaiian lei and her snow hat to top it off. She was quite proud of this ensemble and I have to say she looks pretty stinking cute in whatever she wears as long as there is a grin to go with it!

Journaling page 2:

Sunday - Progress on our Slate, Paul got the entry and under the stairs all set in the thin set today. He also cut enough slate for the kick-plate from the landing to the entry and for the ledge along the stairs. This is going to be so nice to have finished. Yes the window sills will also all be slate covered too. WOO HOO!

Monday - Our Stair Protector. This was our Christmas gift from Rocky and Barb this year. Isn't it adorable, they said it was supposed to go out on the deck but I think it is just pretty darn cute right here on our stairs. Totally makes me think it looks like it is keeping all the booger- bears from coming upstairs at night! lol

Tuesday - Kaylie doing her best impression of her Daddy! She loves it when she gets a hold of his dirty old hat and his sunglasses. The glasses will only stay on if they go on OVER the hat, otherwise she will walk around with her finger on the nose piece of the glasses.

Wednesday - Meet Robbie our Roomba robot vacuum! Oh my I love this little black cleaning demon. This was our Christmas present from Paul folks this year and what a WONDERFUL gift it was. He comes on every day at 10 am and cleans like crazy. Seems almost spooky but hey who am I to question technology!

credits are:
365 kit by Crystal Wilkerson - paper - flowers - template - buttons - borders - stitches
Sue Cummings - Label - Paint - Wordart
Flergs - bling brads
Kayla Lamoreaux - Founder of Digi Scrapbooking 101 - Date circles and labels

DJB JENB2 - Darcy Baldwin -Sweet Shoppe Designs
CK Becky Higgins - Creating Keepsakes
Downcome - Da Font

Monday, January 12


Jess Gordon's new kit So FLIRTY at Sunshine studios! I love this kit, here is the layout I did with it. I am really enjoying doing layouts of 'regular' life :) I love working with Jess, she is just such a sweetie! I made a candy bar wrapper from her kit and she is giving it away on her blog as a freebie. Can you believe that I actually made a FREEBIE lol! Go to Jess's blog and pick it up if youare interested HERE

Credits are:

Jess Gordon - Christmas Heart: White stamp(recolored) - Pink glitter stamp (recolored) - Staple - Metal heart button
Jess Gordon - Curled edges - Scrapbook Ideas
Sue Cummings - Word Art - Oscraps

Monique - cardboard

Sunday, January 11

Snow we had a while back. I don't think I will ever tire of our view! We lived in town for so long just praying to find a place out of town. Yep Prayer answered :)

This was another layout done on our New Years trip. I was trying to use different colors than I seem to always reach for. I like blue but it is not a color I tend to scrap with so this was me trying to break out a bit! lol

Sue Cummings paint from her 'Happy Today' Series (recolored)
Sue Cummings paper color wash (recolored)
Jen Wilson flourish and Month title
Font - Porcelain Free at Da Font
Paul Grand's - Free Overlay - Scratches Inverted

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Thursday, January 8

Duck Duck Goose

We got this duckbill on our trip to New Jersey 2 summers ago. This past summer I pulled it out for Kaylie and we were all surprised that she could get it to 'honk' because you really have to blow on it HARD. I don't know who laughs harder, Kaylie when she 'honks' or the rest of us cause she is laughing at her big accomplishment!
Journaling reads:

You love to ‘honk’on this Duck bill, it makes you laugh almost every time. Which is total entertainment for us!

Credits are:

Background Paper & Frame paper - Sue Cummings - Nantucket - Oscraps
Happy Thoughts - Sue Cummings - My Chalkboard
Journaling element - Jen Wilson - Journaling Pieces
Heart Brush - Taylormade - from the heart - Oscraps
Paper strips, July & 2008 word art, Ink Cluster, Stitches - Taylormade & Fei Fei_In Retrospect kit - Oscraps
Glitter Alpha - Misty Cato
Font - Tall Paul free at Da Font

Wednesday, January 7

Christmas Wreath

Here is a layout I did in the truck yesterday on our trip up and back to woodburn. Paul needed to pick up some trees for the Nursery so I decided to ride along! Gotta just love digi, that was the quickest 10 hour trip ever! lol I did another one of Kaylie, not a Christmas one though cause like a dummy I didn't bring those pictures. I will try and get it posted tomorrow or the next day.

Back ground Paper - Sue Cummings - Whitewash - white and dirty @ Oscraps
Paper strips & ric rak - Sue Cummings - Simply Quick Christmas kit @ Oscraps
Acrylic Flair - Sue Cummings - Christmas Buttons @ Oscraps
Celebrate Christmas wordart - Sue Cummings - Happy Thoughts {today} @ My Chalkboard
Beautiful wordart - Elizabeth Quinata - Beautiful Mess
Staple - Flergs - Rough and tumble @ Scrapbook Graphics
Stamp - Shandy Vogt - Vintage Floral
Journaling font - DJB Jenb2 Darcy Baldwin
Date font - Times New Yorker from Da Font

We are getting the shower door installed in our master bathroom so we can finally take showers in it! WOO HOO that was our Christmas present to each other this year.

This is a picture of Paul working on it cause I forgot to take one right before the installer got here!
Yes Paul has done all the tiling in the entire house, this weekend he is going to work on getting our stairs tiled. He got all the backer board down last weekend so on to the tile now.
WOO HOO here it is! Isn't it LOVELY! :)

Monday, January 5


This is another layout I made during our New Year's mini Vacation over at my Brother and SIL's place. Gotta Love digi, to be able to scrap while still enjoying all the conversation and fun!

Kaylie got such a kick out of 'helping' Grami decorate. I love how so many ornaments are all clustered right where she wanted them! lol Plus do you see the little half squat she is doing? I guess she was to TALL and needed to get a little closer! ha ha

Credits are:
Sue Cummings - Holiday Tradition word art with snowflake
Sue Cummings - 2008 Christmas photos tag
Julie - Large Tradition word art
Nicole Young - Background paper & frame paper (Note these designs are at 200ppi)
Darcy Baldwin - Font - DJB Jen2

Thursday, January 1

Christmas layout Challenge

I did this layout for a Challenge on Sue Cummings site, but I am a bit late for the challenge. Oh well at least I got a layout finished :) I love Sue's style and as you know I always appreciate a bit of a push to get layouts finished! lol Credits: Everything from Sue Cummings