Tuesday, March 31

MOOSH Grandpa!

Kaylie came up with the word Moosh, it is her word for smash. So when they all piled on Grandpa she kept saying MOOSH G'mpa, all the while we are laughing so hard we can hardly breathe! lol
Yes this photo is clear back from Christmas :) lol

Credits are:
TaylorMade Template
TaylorMade word art
Gina Cabrera paper

Friday, March 27

Kaylie's Tree summer of 2008

I was so happy to find this photo. :) I planned on taking a photo of Kaylie each year with her tree but last year something always seemed to get in the way and I thought I had missed the opportunity. I totally forgot I snapped this quick one, (granted not the best photo) but it sure made me smile. If you look REALLY HARD you can see her tree, it is a Mimosa or Silk Tree. Paul chose it for her cause it blooms in July around her birthday and it will be a big beautiful tree someday. Everything by TaylorMade

Monday, March 23

2009 P365 the beginning!

I never posted this 1st layout, it was supposed to go in a online digi issue but they ended up not doing the issue so I can post it now :) I think it is going to be really cool to look back at this P365 project in years to come!

So here is the Beginning of my P365 project:

Credits are:
Kayla Lamoreaux - Template and dates
Sue Cummings - Word Art - Paper & Tabbed note
Misty Cato - Your smile makes me smile
Jenn Wilson - Flourish
Katie Hadfield - staple
Christina Renee - French Countryside paper & Stitching
Jenn Caputo - border
KSK Designs - Note paper

Friday, March 20


I just loved this set of photos, this is back when she would smile a big cheesy smile for me!

On another sort of sad note, Body Shop is closing the at Home party piece of the business, WOW that was a shockeroo!! It makes me sad because it was such a fun way to get together but not much we can do about it. I do plan on having one last Girls Night Out with the bodyshop on April 15th, I figured that was a good day to have some extra pampering! lol

This is the email from Amber:

I am sad to inform you that The Body Shop has announced that April 30, 2009 The Body Shop At Home party-selling business will close. This means that after this date I will no longer be a consultant and your contact to purchase The Body Shop products. I am truly sorry for the disappointment this may cause you. I will continue to book parties until April 30, 2009, so I do hope I will get the opportunity to pamper you, your friends and family one last time.

Thank you so much for your support for myself and The Body Shop At Home™ and I do hope we will get to see each other again soon. While this was a shocking change for me and was very hard to swallow at first, I have taken this opportunity to develop my Diva Designs and have started booking Jewelry Shows. For those of you unaware I make and sell my handmade jewelry. I’d love to share my latest and greatest adventure with you if you are interested!
With very best wishes, Amber Longiotti

She still plans on fixing up her web page but the jewelry pieces are there and they are stunning! Amber is now doing watches too and they are totally fun. She does not have any on the website yet cause they are selling faster than she can make them :)

Layout Credits are:

TaylorMade wordart

Taylor Made InRetrospect Kit

Gina Cabrera Flower & Dragonfly & Cheesy

Shabby Princess buttons and phototurns

Little Footprints- date

Tuesday, March 17

Project 365 Week 7 (ya, I am still playing catch-up) lol

I had a nice quiet weekend where I thought since I was sick I would get a lot of scrapping time in. WELLLLLL I slept away most of my scrapping time! lol I only managed to get this double page layout completed. Man this cold hit me like a ton of bricks and I was totally POOPED OUT!
This kit is by Crystal Wilkerson of 2 Peas in a bucket and look what a fun kit it is!
Kayla Lamoreaux of DigiScrapping 101 used this kit in a great tutorial, she is amazing at sharing tutorials and they are all FREE!!!!
I decided to step down from Teri Mayo's CT, she is a sweet heart and totally understood where I was coming from. I just could not keep up with all the kits she is creating and still have time for scrapping with other kits. So while it was fun and a huge boost to my ego to be chosen, it was a LOT more time consuming than I realized it would be. I started on her CT when things were slower at work too and I was still working from home. Now we are in Full swing and I have very little time to myself, but that is ok cause it means we are busy at work! WHEW lol
Credits are:
Crystal Wilkerson - March P365 kit
Kayla Lamoreaux - Date labels
Sue Cummings - Nature wordart
Fei Fei's stuff - Paint

Sunday, March 8

Sunshine :)

I love this wild hair child! When she wakes up she has some of the craziest hairstyles. lol You have to give her some time and space before you try to fix it too or you have one cranky kid. Just give her enough time and you have a happy kid. Here she is watching one of her Movies as she slowly wakes up.Credits are:
Monday's Child kit by Tracy Mayo and Stacey Crossley
Wordart by TaylorMade
Overlay by Jenn Wilson

Tuesday, March 3

Coupon Alert!

This is Teri Mayo of Teri's Thing-O-My-Jigs latest Kit and she has a special coupon running right now! The coupon is good thru 3/11 so get it at a 'Steal' while you can! You know I LOVE a good deal :)
Batter Up! is available at the following stores:

Monday, March 2

Pumpkin Scooping :)

Here is a layout from our Pumpkin Carving Day, I actually found quite a few layouts I had never posted. Silly me :)

Journaling reads:
EEWWW SICK! Was your 1st reaction to scooping out the pumpkin! You just cracked us up, this was your 1st Pumpkin Carving and you were so much fun! At first you looked at the pumpkin your Daddy had cut open like he was crazy if he thought you were going to stick your hand in that and scoop out the innards! lol But it sure didn’t take long before you were right in the middle of it.

Your Daddy would do the scraping and the you would Scoop out the goo! Just look at the concentration on your face you even have your lip all scrunched up! Each time you came home one of the 1st things you wanted to do was see your ‘bum pk bin’ and light the candle. You truly are such a joy in our lives.

Credits are:
TaylorMade In Retrospect Kit
Sue Cummings Word Art
Natali Designs Brush
Fei Fei's Stuff Crazy Beautiful
Paisley Press Frame