Wednesday, March 28

Helicopter Landing Pad

So have you ever lived next to a Helicopter landing pad? Well if you look at yesterdays photo of our view closely you will see little white poles sticking up in the Orchards. Yep those are the wind machines they use to help circulate the air when the trees are budding and we get a cold snap. They sound like a squad of helicopters flying all night, you have to remember this is our 1st Spring in our house so we are no totally used to all the different noises. :) Once you realize what it is then it is not so bad, it's actually a pretty cool way to help save the fruit. These orchards use a natural gas heater with the fans, oh so much better than smudge pots!

Kaylie is really getting into crawling, it is so fun to watch her try out new things. Right now it is still more of a arm pulling - scooting thing. She is just getting up on her knees now and can go a little ways but then reverts to the arm pull-scoot. Our hardwood floors and soft baby clothes adds one more difficulty to the crawling but she does not seem to be to bothered! ha ha She is determined to get where she wants to go! Yes that is her Daddy laying on the floor playing with her, he loves to be 'right there' with her!


Karen said...

Whooooooo Hoooooooo Brooke (so proud of you)!

And that is one sweet grandbaby!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Ha ha, Thanks Karen! You know you were the example that started a whole lot of us 'locals' bloggin!!

laura P said...

Hey, I know about the "Helicopters" I grew up in Ukiah CA , the heart of Mendicino CO and wine country. We lived across from a large vinyard and in the spring they would turn those fans on, but they also lit the smudge pots, believe me it was quite the site and sound in the middle of the night, like some weird cult having a secret get together. I would even get to go out with one of my girlfriends and her dad durring spring break to drive to all the other vinyard owners where they would gather and have coffee and donuts while the hired help lit the smudge pots.
Miss the old days !
laura P