Thursday, July 19


Ok So Beth Tagged me and then Kayla Tagged me! So how funny is that,

I have never been tagged before and now twice in one week!

But you can't have a post without a picture so here is a picture of my planter

after the squirrels ate all the leaves off my sweet potato vine!

It was lush and beautiful just a few days ago!!! :(

So here are the 7 things you might not know about me for Beth

1. I was born in Eastern Oregon in a little town called Condon. In a clinic because there was not a hospital close by. I am VERY careful when I say where I was born, ya know c o n d o N hee hee

2. Scrapbooking is the craft I have stuck with the longest(there have been MANY others), I think because there is always something new and I am now doing digital so that is another twist.

3. My initials as a kid were BM and after I married they changed to BS!

4. I have a totally ridiculous fear of bugs, I mean REALLY over the top!

5. For almost 30 years now I have been married to my best friend.

6. My 1st name is Jennifer, my Dad only let my Mom name me that if I didn't go by it. He was afraid I would be called Jenny for some silly reason (he said a jenny was a mule) lol

7. I have never met Beth IRL but consider her a true and life long friend. :)

One more Photo just to keep you looking since my random things are a bit Hokey (like me) and maybe just a bit boring. But hey I yam what I yam! lol

Sunset from Sunday evening, I just loved the way the sun's rays are fanning out. I never see rays like this that I don't think of the love our Heavenly Father has for us :)

Now for the 8 Random things for Kayla's Tag, but 1st I have to say Kayla is a new friend of mine. In fact I just met her on her blog less than a month ago. She is super generous sharing her vast knowledge of Photoshop and always posts great photos!

1. I am a MAJOR sucker for a sale! Give me 40-50% off and I am all over it, even if I don't NEED it :)

2. I HATE confrontations and will do just about anything to avoid one. I am such a weenie

3. I really want Kayla to come to my house and teach me all kinds of cool Photoshop stuff :) But I guess I will settle for reading all sorts of cool new things on her blog! lol

4. One of my most favorite things to do is to float on a floatie in the water and read. Golly I have not had one of those days in forever.

5. Ok so you all probably know this one but I melt like butter when my little grand daughter puts her arms out for me to take her! Oh sooooo wonderful

6. I love to organize things, especially if I can label them! he he he

7. Doing things with my kidlet makes me happy, love that she is an adult now and I can now be her friend. We have fun no matter what we do, from staining her bed that Papa made for her to shopping (she is really patient :) with me) to scrapbooking.

8. I snore , yep there I said it! I snore when I sleep, something I don't ever think I would have known if we hadn't been on a family trip in Europe and all sleeping in the same room. Amber and Justin had to wear earplugs! Thank heavens Paul is a heavy sleeper cause he didn't seem to even notice it! :)

Whew that was harder than I thought it would be! So if you made it this far then you are a saint! lol So I am going to tag Amber, Ann, Debby, Lucie, Laura and Shandy. Cause I love finding out random things! Now if I were really cool I would know how to highlight their names so you could click on them and go straight to their blogs. But since I don't know how, well I will just put the links in :)

Amber -
Ann -
Debby -
Laura -
Lucie -
Shandy -
Now let's see what random things we find out about these ladies!


Jill R said...

Fun random stuff Brooke! We have many things in common..... Like sucker for a sale and I hate confrontation too.... oh, and married to my best friend. :) Karen is my best friend too, but you know how it is. :)
Sorry about your Sweet Potato Vine!! Bummer!!!

amber said...

Love the photo of the sunset, I totally agree!! I know you well and the random things still made me laugh!!

Kayla said...

Love the photos - and heck if you keep taking all those great photos I might just have to come visit you to take photos from your deck and pay you by teaching you Photoshop! lol. You made my day with your comment! :)

laura P said...

Hey, had to go into my BLOG and reset it, The BLOG fairy has been resetting things for me!!!!
I am still trying to think of something that you wouldn't know about me????

Shandy said...

oh brooke! LOVED -- absolutely LOVED reading all of the fun random facts!!
and your photos are gorgeous! stunning really!
ok.. guess I'm off to blog...

Debby said...

OKAY, I have never been tagged before, you are going to have to give me some time to post on this because I am a very dull person and I can't think of 8 things someone might want to know about me.

Now on the sweetpotato vine, mine is a darker kind and it was growing great and now the rabbit's or some other varment has found it. I will get a picture and put it up. Is it not enough that too much rain killed my garden now critters are eating my flowers! The rain got some of them to....

I want your sunset. You are blessed to have such a wonderful view. Okay not writing a book here, catch you later.