Monday, October 22

Carson Paul

This is Carson, my niece's little guy. Isn't he just the cutest little guy and such a
sweet sweet boy. Happy as a clam and grinning from ear to ear, Cristin said one of her
friends said he was 'scrumptious, and I could just eat him up' Well I have to agree,
totally scrumptious! We loved being able to spend the weekend with family and
getting to snuggle this little one. But both grandmothers were there, so I 'watched'
most of the snuggling! lol As a gramma myself I can sooo totally understand :)
The roads were fine both up to eastern Oregon and back home. Even though they had snow this weekend, it was all melted off the roads. (thank you Lord)

Just a couple of shots of the Fall beauty in my Brother and Sister in Law's yard

Now you can see the reason I mostly 'watched' the snuggling! lol It was really great to see other grandparents act as totally crazy about their grandchild as we do! :)


Anonymous said...

so cute!! He is adorable - love the pics too - gorgeous scenery!

laura P said...

FUN !!!!

Valerie said...

what a cute little man!!!

katg1006 said...

Hi there stranger!! Haven't seen you in a little while just checking in to make sure everything is okay!! DSSA is going through Brooke withdrawl! Stop in and say hey when you get a chance :) We are all doing much better now. Trying to get back into the groove of things. Oh also if you were still interested in the digital DH told me when he shopped around Dell had the best prices. Talk to you soon!! (((hugs))) P.S. Oh what a cutie pie to snuggle with - lucky you! I also love love love those photos! WOW!!

fannie said...

OH! Just look at that light and the SKY! Oh my. How beautiful!