Wednesday, October 10

Oktoberfest 2007!

Thought I would share some photos from our weekend. WHEW it was wild and crazy but tons of fun as usual! I love the Oktoberfest weekend, of course everyone loves a sale and it is always a good one. But more than that, it seems to me that people are a bit more relaxed and ready to enjoy whatever comes their way. I love that!
A quick shot of the driveway as I made one of the MANY trips from the house to the deck to get everything set up for the BBQ! WOW people were lined up clear down the Valley View Rd side of the Nursery. Yep the first 4 or 5 hours were a Mad House, but in a good way. I always get to see people who I have not seen for a while and that is another thing I love about Oktoberfest. Even if it is just for a short chat, I love catching up with old friends.

Mac was our official Cider Press Guy this year and he did a great job. It is a lot more work than it looks and you are pooped when you are finished! This year we let the public bring their own apples to press, I think I need to add something into the advertising to say you need about a box of apples per gallon of cider!! Yep, it takes a bunch so when some came with 8 apples they got a small glass to share. But they seems to have fun doing it and most said they would bring MORE next year!! I think we need to put it in a PRETTIER PLACE though, that background is UGLY!

Amber once again did the BBQ'ing of the German Sausages, she does a great job with a smile on her face the entire time. Saturday we had people lined up for their German Sausages a couple of times and I don't think Amber got a chance to sit down except to eat a really quick lunch! Since she spent a year in Germany everyone that knows German will speak to her in German. She can totally understand them but since that was close to 6 years ago she is not quite as clear in her speech back to them, which I know is a bit frustrating to her. She is more than ready
for a trip back to Europe with her hubby this time!

Bill and Cynthia from Hillcrest Orchard in Medford did Pear tasting on Saturday and had their info for Holiday Gift Baskets, which added to the festivities!! Right there with Hillcrest Orchard is Roxy Ann Winery so you get a bit of the fruit of the Orchard and a bit of the fruit of the Grape!! lol I love their Viognier, one of my favorite white wines and their claret is the one Red wine that I really enjoy.

Autumn from Paschal Winery took care of the wine tasting and we all know how much everyone loves wine tasting!! If you are ever in the area this is another fabulous winery to visit, they have one of the prettiest spots for their winery and the tasting room is fabulous! They also have some of the CUTEST TEE SHIRTS, one says 'Group Therapy' and it is 3 different glasses of wine! All done on a black tee shirt and the wine is done in those little crystals totally adorable!

Adam taking the Hyde family on a Hay ride. This is one of our favorite families!!

John out in the sales yard making either a list of plants we need to restock or a list of plants someone wants to buy, either way even though this photo does not show it, he is HAPPY!! :)
Paul taking the Ramrod up to load up a big tree for a customer. The weather is beautiful,
we are outside working together instead of chained to a computer and the customers are happy.
So yep Paul is a happy camper too!

Kids Club! The kids grew their own pumpkins this year and had an abundance of the mini pumpkins so they had some to sell. Here are Christopher and Samantha Hyde manning the booth, which they did the ENTIRE DAY! Oh my gosh what great little salespeople they were too! You could hear them up there hollering 'Mini Pumpkins for Sale' Now tell me who could resist that?? I think they should get the 'Best Pumpkin Sales' award!

Well there needed to be a bit of re-arranging done so it was Cynthia and Pat to the rescue!
Oh my this was a WONDERFUL addition this year!! Michele Scheffler played her accordion in the afternoon on Saturday and it was simply fabulous. She is such a sweet and easy person to work with and plays that accordion like a dream. It added such a nice atmosphere to the day. Next year I want her to bring her amp so we can hear her on the back deck. I think that was about the only place where the sound didn't carry, since we are behind the building.
TW Gourds, now these ladies just amaze me. These are natural gourds that they stain, paint, burn and simply make beautiful works of art out of them. I didn't get a close up but I have some at home I can take photos of to show you. Oh they are beautiful, if you ever get the chance to see their work you will totally understand what I am saying!!

Well this is the end of the photo show, if you made it this far you will know it was a fabulous day! If you are in the area and around next year, this is a day you will not want to miss.
I think we are going to try and add a pumpkin shooter next year
cause I think it looks like FUN :)
I will try and do better blogging this week than I did last week!!


Anonymous said...

So much fun!!! For some reason my Google readers isn't picking up posts since yoru freebie! Darn thing! These photos are gorgeous!! Makes me want to visit next year!! Someday when the kids grow up...

laura P said...

So glad I was ablr to stop by, even if it was just for a short time. You guys are all amazing !!!

laura P said...

You do know I mean "able" not "ablr" RIGHT ???

Carma said...

Sad inside, just figured out I missed out.


Look at all the fun we had!! Yeah Oktoberfest!!