Saturday, December 1

Shutterfly book and re-doing layouts!

I am working on getting layouts ready for a shutterfly book. I want to do Kaylie's 1st year in one book. The problem is as I am going thru some of the 1st layouts I made, I am not liking them so much! So it is taking lots longer to get the layouts ready because I keep re-doing things. Some I just add a bit to or move but this one I totally re-did. Now my ?? is, did I make it better or not? I like it better but then am I going to come back in a month and say 'What in the heck was I thinking?? lol

So what is your opinion, better before or after??

Credits for the original layout:
Chipboard Calendar and Circle template: Misty Cato
Paper, Ribbon and Flower: Sara Marie
Font: CK Good Day

Credits for the updated layout are:
Chipboard Calendar and Circle template: Misty Cato
Everything else is Tracy Ann (TADA) lots of Frippery


Hummie said...

These are great! But if you spend the money on a book, you want it right!

Remember to keep important stuff from the edges about 1/4 inch as Shutterfly does crop and you don't want to lose journaling and photos.

Hummie said...

Sorry! I like th purple one best...I usually evaluate layouts by whether or not the photos pop and are the main focus and my eye goes to the photo first in the purple one.

laura P said...

Have to say I am drawn to the orange/redish one !!

Lisa said...

First, both Layouts are very nice. I really like them both. But Personally, I like #1 more. The color has more energy to it. You get the feel of them playing, having fun. Makes me happy.
#2 the color is calm. I also find the font much harder to read. Although I'd definitely put pics of the wee one sleeping on this layout, for a sweet dreams page, it would be soooo adorable.
Just my opinion, and we all have one. Do what makes you happy!

Deb M. said...

I like them both, but my favorite is the orange layout. Great your layouts.


Beth said...

Well GF here is my opinion they are both good but I really like the redo better the pictures look brighter with the orange background.

Christine Smith said...

I'm no help b/c I like them BOTH LOL. Thanks for the comment on my blog freebie :)

Kelli said...

I personally like before, just cuz the coloring in her hat looks really good :)

Liz said...

I like them both, but I love the purple background paper. I think it really makes your photos pop, and your focal photo seems really sharp too in the purple one.
Good luck with your book :)

nicecrane said...

without any doubt After, i am sure about them,,,,,,,,, the colors works better, and the sparkles give a better look,,,,,,,,, after i am sure,,,,,,,,,,,,and wowwwwwwww waht lot of cokkiesssssssss,,, ñam ñam

specials thanks for your comments in my blog