Saturday, January 5

Christmas Goodies

I am FINALLY posting some of the goodies I made this year for Christmas. My 'always make at Christmas' goodies are Almond Roca and Peanut Brittle. I always make these for a couple of reasons. I don't eat these so it is safe to have them around! lol Seriously if I can leave them alone then I can have them in the house, that is why I don't make fudge! I don't want to be wearing it for the next 6 months! ha ha Plus these are Family recipes, so I always remember having them at Christmas growing up. Like a dummy I forgot to take a photo of the Peanut Brittle but did get a shot of the Almond Roca This stuff is AMAZING, Crazy easy, SUPER SUPER GOOD and it totally baffles anyone you give it to. Homemade Caramel that is already canned! hmmmm how does it work? I picked this one up from Kayla Lamoreaux and it will be one I do every year from now on! I happen to LOVE this one and it would not be a pretty site if I had this on hand all the time. hee hee The good thing is, it is in a sealed can so you don't go by and just Munch on it all day! (Thank Heavens) lol
These pretty little cookies are another new one for me this year. I picked up this idea from Valerie Fowler, I love that they are cute and tasty! My Grandmother was here this year during Christmas and she unwrapped all the peanut butter cups for me. Which of course saved me a bunch of time, oh and remember my Gramma is 95!! :) Paul was my taste tester for this and he gave it a thumbs up! He is a fan of Chocolate and peanut butter, which is not high on my list so yep another 'safe' one for me
One year I made these chocolate covered Cherry balls, I got the recipe from my long time face friend Andrea. Let me tell you, I only made them one year. They were soooo good, oh my gosh! The big problem was THEY WERE TO DANG GOOD!! lol I think I ate 3/4 of them and no I am not kidding. YIKES Whew, never never made them again either. :)
While I realize everyone else is on to New Years stuff, I am still playing catch-up! So tomorrow will probably be some of the decorations we had in our house this year. Or Photos of little Miss Kaylie on Christmas Eve!
Edited to add: Oh my gosh I totally forgot to credit for the frames and I looked it up before I posted so I would remember! Thank Kathleen for the request so I woke up! :)
Frames from Sleigh Bells Ring kit by Traci Reed and Dani Magstad at Sweet Shoppe Designs


katg1006 said...

Oh My gosh Brooke that looks sooo yummy! Oh the peanut butter cup cookies are one of my favs...they are banished from my house so I don't wear them as well *LOL* I love that frame you are using - who's is it?? So cute?

laura P said...

Why is it I can throw away anything that is 2 days old, milk, vegs, yogart, meat BUT NOT CANDY & COOKIES ????

Monique said...

I saw those cans of homemade caramel sauce and love the idea! I've seen so many people doing it since, I really should give it a try myself too! Everything else looks sooo yummy! Now I'm hungry for something sweet and! have a great weekend!