Thursday, January 24


I think I worked longer on this layout than I ever worked on a paper layout! OH GOOD GOLLY, do you ever just look at a layout and continue to pick it apart? WHEW glad I have it posted cause that way I won't keep tweaking it. The good thing is I did have a blast playing with all of the fun elements, paper and of course BLING, just wish I could scrap all day instead of having to WORK. I simply LOVE Flergs stuff :) But then I have said that a few times before lol.

For those of you that know me IRL you know I am not a real 'confident' scrapper, I have been asked to teach a couple of projects I did but I am not real good at 'putting myself OUT THERE' lol So you will be totally shocked to learn I am trying for a spot on Flergs CT!!! YEP can you believe it, Carma, Valerie, Laura when you read this you guys are going to go into shock! lol ha ha Even if I don't make it, I am still really happy with the layout :) How could I go wrong after all I have a cutie to use photos of and lots of fun goodies to scrap with! Amber and I are going to scrap this weekend, I am TOTALLY looking forward to it. Seems like it has been forever since we have taken a play day.

Kaylie was such a hoot tonight, she kept making a frownie face, then she would laugh. We were all cracking up, which of course just made her sillier!

Flergs Strawberry delight kit - Chocolate Berry Glitter Style
Everything is by Flergs except for the staple which is by Katie Hadfield, I recolored the ribbon and put some of Flergs 'bling' on it but it is so small I am not sure if you can even see the bling! I used an Atomic Cupcake Action on the word-art and a bit of a Jason Gaylor(Designfruit) brush


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work here Brooke! I think Flergs would be lucky to have you on her CT! :)

Deb M. said...

WOW!! Your layout is stunning, Brooke!! Love it!! You would be a wonderful addition to any CT. :o) Best of luck!!


She was completely cracking me up! She is a true joy to be around, a very happy and easy kid, which coming from someone who does not yet have kids is HUGE!! Even if I am auntie LOL

Hummie said...

I wish you well! I hope you make the CT--you are such a wonderful person you deserve it.

laura P said...

You go girl !!!
I am so proud of you, maybe I should get your autograph before you are so famous you can't remember us little folks !LOL
Have a fun scrap day !!!

Scraps of Bev said...

Great work Brooke,,,Best of luck with making the CT..I'm sure you will.

Have a great time and enjoy!

katg1006 said...

Brooke - this is a fabulous layout!!!! I love it!! I hope you make the CT!!! :)

Quilting For Less said...

Hey, Brookster!! I love your layout!! I always say, You can change it when and if ever you want to! Oh, the beauty of digital!! But hey, I really wouldn't change it! It is perfect!

You go GF!!

Kat said...