Monday, March 17

My Grandmother

My Grandmother is 95 and will be turning 96 on April 21st.
I have spent most of my life calling her by her name ‘Artie Mae’ because while grandma was ok, she preferred that no one would really think she was old enough to be a grandmother! lol
She has never been a soft cuddly sort of grandmother, but more a solid rock. I know she has prayed for me every day of my life. Now think about that, EVERY day!! To me that is a very awesome thing. She is my Prayer Warrior in the true sense of the word.
At almost 96 she is still very sharp and quick witted. And she just had a Heart Attack, which would have been the end of most people her age. But not my grandmother, she is expected to make almost a FULL recovery! Is that not completely amazing!
While still in the hospital one of the nurses had to give her some pills to take. My grandmother said 'well this is just a crock', later the nurse asked if that was what she really said. When I said yep, the nurse said, well I agree it really is a crock! Then they were having problems with her bed so they took it all the way to the top position, down to the bottom, back to the top and then where it needed to be. I asked her if she felt like she was on a carnival ride, she said no, just felt like I was straddling a horse! I thought the nurse was going to fall over laughing! ha ha
She said to me while she was still in the Hospital ‘If I live, I need to come down and go shopping' What a HOOT!!!
I told her that Amber and I would take her where ever she wanted to shop.
I really, really love that woman :)
Some photos from Christmas, Here she has both of her great-great grandchildren.
This series of photos just crack me up. 1st they are both looking at a couple of Kaylie's toys and Artie is, I am sure, telling Kaylie some big story!
(she used to tell us the best 'bear' stories) lol

Now She is making Kaylie's toy talk in some funny deep voice
ha ha ha, look at those two look at each other! I was laughing so hard I could hardly take the photos! Kaylie was not sure what to think of Artie but she was totally entertained! While Artie's hair is no longer that color naturally, it is the color she was born with. So you can see where Kaylie's Auburn hair comes from! Justin has that exact same color when he grows a beard.
Just wanted to share a bit of why I think my Grandmother Artie Mae is such a special person. She had 5 generations in her hospital room (thank heavens it was a large room)

While I know she has a place in Heaven waiting for her, I am really glad God decided she was not finished here on Earth. And while I know it is me being selfish, it makes my heart hurt to think of her not here with us.

I am thrilled she is here for a while longer :)


Anonymous said...

So glad she is ok - darling photos and what a wonderful blessing to have a grandma like that!

Elisa said...

I so enjoyed reading your blog entry about your truly unique grandmother, what an amazing lady, I hope her recovery is well on the way, and she'll enjoy an unforgettable 95th Birthday. This is a generation that has been through so much, got to have so much respect and admiration for them. :)
Wonderful photos, too!
Have a great week, and you have to make it to Chicago one of these days, it is well worth a visit!

Lauren said...

Wow - what an amazing story about your grandmother. I'm sure she will enjoy her birthday.

laura P said...

That is one special lady, can see the apple's didn't fall far from the tree.....
You are one special lady too !
Love ya
Don't forget, have a special treat for you for playing the mug game

crzymom said...

What an awesome Lady! My hubby's grandma was like that... always praying for us... every day. I still really miss her Those kind of people always leave a huge hole in your heart when they leave us. But have enriched us so much before they do. Thank you for sharing Brooke!