Sunday, April 20

Is this April or DECEMBER!!!

Today is Justin's Birthday and we have NEVER had snow on his birthday for heaven sakes! We are doing a BBQ tonight and it is going to be interesting to see how we fit every one in the house instead of inside AND out on the deck!
Here are some of the views from our house today.
1st this is to the south towards Talent and one of the windows in our upstairs computer/office/craft area. Here is our Patio Furniture, we are sooooo ready for some 'Outdoor Living'!!!
This is to the east of the house

Crazy that the sky is so blue this direction (North) and so nasty if you just do a 1/4 turn. The dark line towards the top of the photo is the easement road on the edge of our property for our 4 neighbors. The rows of 'twigs' are the trees we have planted for the last 3 years, we grow them and sell them to the nursery. Last year was our 1st harvest, each year we are getting the planting timing down a little better. We now will just plant back in the same hole of what trees we harvest, we are doing all our trees in grow bags for less shock in transplanting.This view is to the west and off towards Phoenix.

Fleeta is not real happy with the snow covering her grass either!

Here are my poor little tomato plants, Silly me for thinking I was going to get a head start on getting my garden in, I SHOULD KNOW BETTER! The milk bottles covering them is supposed to help protect them. My MIL is a fabulous veggie grower so I always go with what she says will work.
I know I have been missing in action a lot this month, it is Spring (believe it or not) in the Nursery business and 9-10 hour days often 6 days a week are pretty much the norm for us.

We did Kids club at the nursery again yesterday so I will try to get some photos posted soon! Now I need to get some shopping done for the BBQ tonight.


Lauren said...

Ohmiwerd! I hope you guys have some sunny weather soon.

crzymom said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck! We have been getting the same stuff Brooke. Hopefully this will be the last of it until next winter. We have had some sunshine today... and a few flakes! lol Been thinking about you!

Janie said...

Brooke, I love your new blog title heading. It looks great!

Fuzzy said...

You know what like i said on dssa to shan or jo-ann LOl i forgot it's the last but of fluff beign shaken out of the clouds cause i can see the blue skies peeking thru there..


This looks like January!! So crazy, we got snow but it never stuck in Medford.

Perfumes said...

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Monique said...

Be happy that's all you got! We got at least a foot of snow! And blizzard conditions that lasted 3 days! Hopefully it will start melting today now that the snowing has finally stopped and the sun has come out. Hope you get some warm weather too Brooke!

Scraps of Bev said...

Hi Brooke..Thanks so much for dropping by my blog...I wish I could send you the flowers...the Spring flowers were so colourful and of course the sunshine really enhanced the colour!

Hope you and family are keeping well... we miss you loads over at DSSA!

Stay safe and happy!!

Trisha said...

Dang ~ just when you thought spring was here! And a road for neighboors . . . are you bummed out to have people living so close (although your 'close' & most neighboor's 'close' will be quite different :)

Hummie said...

No way! I cannot believe you have that snow..but even more so those photos are unbelievabley beautiful. Can I come for a vacation at your house? I could SO relax there.