Wednesday, August 13

4 Daughters Irish Pub

We had a great evening a couple of weeks ago at 4 Daughters Irish Pub downtown Medford. Good food and Great entertainment, I am not a huge Jazz fan but I do like this sort of rock Jazz. The group is called Razzamojazz and our friend and neighbor David Bolen is the drummer. He was playing with legendary Sax man Brandon Fields and it was awesome!

Had to shoot this one fast cause I sort of snuck in behind the gal who was taking photos! lol and the piano player said his knees were killing him :)

I love doing things like this that are way out of our normal 'box' and totally enjoying them.


The Clarks said...

That sounds like so much fun . . . I really miss being able to do new things like that (our small town offers a suprising number of things but I am either busy with work or Elise, allll dayyyy longgg). We are hoping to come up this winter so we'll have to go check out the town with you!!!

Deb M. said...

That looks like so much fun!! Love the photo!! Great shot!!