Sunday, August 24

Girls Night Out and Margaritas!

A few of my dearest local friends came over Wednesday evening for a girls night with Margaritas and we had a great time. I really did a lousy job of getting pictures though! Laura would have gotten some great ones for me but her battery died. Started out the evening with light but it sure got dark quickly, we had a bit of wind but it was still a beautiful evening. I think we ended up with 12 of us and my margarita's turned out pretty dang good for my 1st try! lol
Amber brought all her Body Shop Goodies over to display for everyone to play with, everyone knows I am a HUGE Body Shop fan!
Ok, this last one just cracks me up, I totally took Amber off guard in this photo but it is pretty darn close to the look I used to get from her when she was about High School Age! Sort of the 'Oh MOM' look! lol Sure am glad we are past the Parent/Child stage and are now on to the FRIEND stage! :) Love you Kiddo
Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great evening! To those who missed the fun, hope you can make it next time!! Also sure do hope a certain someone gets that private jet soon so they can pop in from time to time! lol

OH and my Margarita Recipe:
1 can of Limeade then use that can to add
1 can of Beer (I used Corona cause that is what Paul drinks)
1 can of Tequila
1 can of Water (cause they would knock you off your feet otherwise)
Salt the rims of your glasses and pour the mixture over ice - YUM

Good thing these are just a once in a while thing at my house cause they were really pretty tasty!


The Clarks said...

Man that looks like so much fun! I wish Oregon and Utah were just a little bit closer so I could at least make it for the weekend :)

That face Amber is pulling is HILLARIOUS ~ I almost didn't recognize her at first. It has been wayyyyy to long!!!!

laura P said...

Oh were those drinks good !!! And really enjoyed visiting with everyone !!


Nice photo mom... I was off in SPACE!! I was pretty tired by this point LOL! I was a fun evening though!

Lauren said...

So jealous! Looks like good times.

Janie said...

Hey, that's my old Margarita recipe. They were great and now I have the recipe again, yahoo!

Hummie said...

It looks like you are having fun to me! I would have joined you if I lived close enough.