Tuesday, October 28

Fall Fun

It has already been over a week since I posted and I have no idea where the time is going!
Dang it lol
Maybe it is getting sucked in by Photoshop while I play with photos.Credits are:
Angela Barton - Flexible Features BW Frame Sweet Shoppe Designs
Karen Russell - Grunge Frame Polka Dot Potato



She is such an outdoor kid! Just happy running around and seeing what is around to look at! Love that cute little face!

Lauren said...

Love the treatment of the photo Brooke!

Beth said...

Cute Cute Cute Brookster

Deb M. said...

Love this photo of Kaylie, Brooke!! Beautiful!! She is such a doll.


Country Liv . . . said...

Oh isn't K the cutest! Love what you did with the photo-I just this hour stated how talented I think you are! Go by my blog and pick up a little something I left for you there. Tee Hee!