Sunday, November 23


I received this award from both my long time friend Beth and my new friend Liv, aren't they totally sweet for giving this to me! Sure put a smile on my face to be considered 'Creative' :) The rules are I have to list 6 things that make me Happy and 6 other bloggers to give this award to!

1. Living where we are free and can openly worship God
2. Being married to my Bestest Friend
3. Having my kids live close and having lots of Family near by
4. Crafting and hanging out with my daughter Amber
5. Watching Kaylie Sue grow
6. Having friends,who are far away in miles but close thanks to the good ole WWW!!!

It is hard to only choose 6 people to pass this on to!
Amanda of Taylor Made - who creates fabulous kits and shares wonderful Tutorials
Laura - Hybrid Crafter Extraordinaire
Amber - the Queen of Beads and so much more :)
Natali Designs - Creator of 'the perfect' Word Art
Sueli Colbert - Talented maker of Photoshop Stamps that are so Great!
Kayla Lamoreux - Wearer of oh so Many hats and Creator of The Digital Scrapbooking 101 site!


Sueli Colbert said...

Dear Brooke
Thank you so much for this award.
You are so sweet...I loved yr Blog...Congratulations.
Hugs and Have a great Week
Sueli Colbert

Lauren said...

Congrats Brooke!

The Clarks said...

awwwwwe :) I miss you guys up there in OREGON!!!!!

TaylorMade Designs said...

oh my GOSH, girl!!! i just saw this! this is so sweet of you! i am honored!! and your blog award was VERY well deserved!! and i promise... i'm trying reallly hard to make some christmas brushes. i've started them and then deleted them like 8 times! hahaha. i just can't seem to get them exactly how i want them. rrrr. but i PROMISE i'll keep working at them!! :) thanks again for your sweet words! -amanda


I have no idea how I missed this the last 10 times I have been to your blog!! LOL! Thanks for the award! I guess I need to do a post now LOL!