Monday, December 1

Asante Craft Fair

If you are in the area and looking for a craft fair with some amazing bargains come by the
'Asante Craft Fair' December 1st from 7am to 4pm in the carpenter rooms and
yes it is open to the public. This is Amber's table from last year, she has
fabulous hand made jewelry - some cute cards and
some warm and cozy crocheted scarves.
I will be sitting with her tomorrow to keep her company so come by and see us!See ya there!
Ps Kaylie's latest 'Kaylie-ism' instead of telling me she is hungry she goes to the fridge
and says 'eating'. I ask her if she is hungry and I get a big YES! lol
she cracks me up :)


Lauren said...

Good luck! I hope that you guys do really well.

laura P said...

Wish I could come by/ buy.....

Beth said...

Have fun Brooke and I loved the little extra from Kaylie

The Clarks said...

wow! Amber has become an even bigger crafter than when I left! Her stuff looks amazing!


I hope to have an open house in the next couple weeks for those of you interested! I also plan to et my stuff posted on sometime this month - where does the time go?! Mom and I had fun and the booth this year was even more full than last!!

Love the Kaylie-ism too by the way!

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun :)! By-the-way, I finally posted your yummy hybrid card at Scrapbook Ideas along with some other hybrid goodies - thanks again for making it :)!!! ~Jess

Deb M. said...

Hope the craft fair went well. Lots of pretty things. :o)

That precious Kaylie is just too funny. Love the latest Kaylie-ism. Too cute!!