Wednesday, December 17

My two Beautiful Girls!

Laura came over last night to take some family photos for us (Thank you GF!)
I absolutely LOVE this one of Amber and Kaylie. I will post more as I get them all spiffed up :)

This is the 1st time I have blended a overlay over a photo like this, pretty fun! Is everyone shocked out of their seats because I blogged THREE DAYS IN A ROW!! :)

Overlay by Carla Phillips



That overlay looks neat! Kaylie is so darn cute you really can't go wrong!! Love this pic!!

laura P said...

Had a great time last night , so sorry about the tree accident.... But loved taking the pics for you, can't wait to see them all spiffed up !!!!

Lauren said...

Wow! Great photo.

Deb M. said...

Awesome photo, Brooke! Love the overlay. You do have 2 beautiful girls. Kaylie looks like a little lady. She is so adorable.


Anonymous said...

Adorable photo!!!!! I love the overlay too :)! {hugs} Jess

Beth said...

Love love love it Brooke what two beauties you have there and that outfit Kaylie has on she looks like a little elf.
Merry Christmas my friend.