Saturday, January 17

Crazy about Rocks

Kaylie can't seem to walk outside without picking up some rocks. At least now she is not trying to pick up ones that are as big as she is! These photos are from last June and yes I am just now getting them scrapped! lol I have made more layouts in the last 3 months than I have in a LONG time. Feels good to be getting some finished, I really want to do a photo book and also get them printed for Kaylie's Scrapbook. Credits are:
Frame - Sue Cummings & Paper -(layered and recolored)
Wordart - Taylormade
Date Stamp - Lace stamp - Paint Fei Fei's Stuff
Pink heart pin - Gina Cabrera
Brush - Obsidian Dawn
Rock Hunting Font - Rusted Plastic



Oh look at those cute chubby little legs and her pig tails! How cute is this layout?!!

Beth said...

Oh my Brooke Kaylie and Lucien would get along great that is what he does when he comes to visit I find rocks in all sort's places.
Love the layout and such a cutie patootie Kaylie is.

crzymom said...

What a sweet layout Brooke! Kaylie is such a sweetie pie!

Hummie said...

Awww...those photos are so precious! They make me smile.

malacima said...

Oh my..she so adorable!!Love the layout!!!