Saturday, October 3

Harvest Fair

Fun times at the Harvest Fair last weekend with the little missy!

Things Kaylie likes right now

Reading a book to herself

Getting Mail

Going for a Quad Ride

Picking tomatoes

Giving Fleeta Hay - 'I want to give 'my Fleeta' some hay, she's my friend'

Doing anything with Auntie Amber, she LOVES her Auntie

Helping Nami Bake in the Kitchen, but really it's 'licking' the beaters she is after! lol

We are going to make a Tu Tu this weekend so be watching for photos. :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


crzymom said...

Sweet picture! Looks as though she is having lots of fun. So sorry I missed your birthday... I don't know why I don't remember it since you share it with Clarice. Hope you had a great one!!!

Beth said...

Hey there GF sure have missed you and Kaylie wow look how she is growing can't wait to see the TU-TU I just no that is going to be a hoot.

Deb M. said...

She is growing up so quickly. Look forward to seeing the times!! :-) Hope your eye is better.

Amber Longiotti said...

That looks like a steep slide, I can't believe she went down it alone! Soooo cute!!

Lauren said...

Great photo Brooke! I know you guys had a great time.

Cristin Autumn said...

Oh, sooo fun! Wish we were there! Cars would love that...I think. It was steep :) Great picture!

And, again, thanks for your cs3 help - I used it today to do some composite pictures...whew, for you!

Love ya, me