Sunday, March 25

Our view

Ha ha, here I am again already! I keep trying to add a photo, of course it is not working the way I want it to. Now I am in no way computer savvy so ya can just imagine how frustrated I am lol

So I am going to try and stick the photo into this post and see if that will work!!

Here is the view from our front door the other day after a small shower. We are so stinking blessed to have found this awesome piece of land, we simply love it here.


laura P said...

LOVE that RAINBOW !!!!!
Nothing better than a good view, only one person you can really thank fot that....
Thank you God !!!
laura P

Anonymous said...

How beautiful, yes you are blessed. I am so proud of you. Only one problem, Hannah has been asking all day for a Myspace so now she feels this is a sign if you have this going on. I told her I was old fashioned, so now I can see that will get me know where. Thanks Brookie. Love Ya, Pam

Beth said...

Hey Brookster
What a view GF can't wait for Charlie and I to come visit.

Bethie boo

Trisha said...

How beautiful! I can't wait to see your wonderful new house the next time I am up that way!

Laura Bozeman said...

Wow! That view is fantastic! You must be constantly inspired!