Sunday, March 25

My Beautiful Grandaughter

Here is a layout of our little cutie Kaylie hanging out on the deck with Daddy and Grampa. This is like the 2nd time Grampa has held her, ha ha you have to understand, he said when she is big enough to interact then he is ready to hold her! lol Men! He likes to play with her as long as someone else is doing the holding. Now that she is getting bigger he is ready to hang out with her.

I did this layout for a challenge on Bren Taylor Boone's blog,

Whew it is a chore trying to keep track of where you picked up digital elements. I know there has to be a better way. I have acdsee but I am obviously not using it right! (big surprise right!)
Now remember I am totally new to this digital stuff so don't be shocked!

My last post for the day, I am headed to a baby shower this afternoon, so toodles!

Erin's - Earth Canvas Template
Melany Violette's Summper Beginning Freebie for the background, the green circle and the beaded wire flower
Shabby Miss Jenn's Little Dude kit File tab
Kristy Wiseman's edge overlay (colored)
Christine Smith's Inked edge circle overlay
Font Myriad Pro


laura P said...

What a Beauty that girl is, her daddy will have his hands full in about 15 years !!!
I still have not tackled the "Digi" land, but soon....
Hopeing to do the current "Scrapjacked" challenge today.
Have a good one.
laura p

Carma said...

Digi, I have to figure out my camera first.
Way to go on the blog thing, you go girl.
Love the layout, nice to see gramp's warming up to the little lady. He looks good as a grandpa...
And for the view, I really need to se it in person with a bottle of "veeno" my treat.
Love you girl and it was great seeing you yesterday.

Erin said...

Oh wow! Love the colors you used and the pictures are sooo cute. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute. Paul and Justin need to look a little happier though. What a swettie pie she is.
Love Ya, Pam

Beth said...

Oh Brooke what a awesome layout and Kaylie is growing so fast.
Grampa's are something aren't they I think they think the babies are going to break if they hold them.
I started a blog also check me out.


Amber Longiotti said...

This is the cutest layout ever!! So many cute baby Kaylie faces and it makes me smile to see J and dad sharing a moment of happiness!