Monday, April 9

10 things that make me happy

The very wonderful Jessica Sprague a challenge on her blog to list 10 things that make you happy right now. So here are mine!

1 We got to have our Granddaughter on Easter. That was totally a blessing!

Got these little shoes at Wal-Mart, I just could not resist them. I just love baby clothes!

2 Hanging out with my daughter doing whatever, whether it is scrapping, painting walls or working out.

3 The Pear trees blooming, I know everyone will get tired of hearing this but our view, but we just feel so lucky to live here :)!

4 Getting the last of the 100 trees planted!
5 Spending an evening at home with my hubby and no one else
6 My Dad living with us, he is easy to be around and my hubby gets along with him so well
7 Cool free digi finds, great tutorials and even awesome kits to buy!
8 Happy not to have any plans for this except to get my garden in
9 the kids club at our nursery (Our family business is a retail Nursery) we just started, so fun to see kids getting all excited
10 Last but by no means least, being able to worship outside in such a beautiful setting!


laura P said...

Very nice, I should do that too.Waiting to see the pictures of the pear trees......
Glad you had a nice Easter with family.

Beth said...

Hey Brooke,
I so enjoyed reading about the 10 things that make you happy and those shoes are so cute.


laura P said...

Are those pink tennies not just the cutest dang things ever !!! And what about those "Piggies" on Karen Russell's Annie !!!! Let me know when you can put up Kaylies hair and I will be right over (mom of boys, and yes I did put both of them in piggies just for a quick look see, no pictures or should I say evidence shhhhhhh)
You never heard me say that.