Saturday, April 14

Bandon by the Sea!

Well I am sitting here in a hotel room at the Bandon Inn, looking out toward the ocean. I can see beautiful white caps and the Bandon light house. Yep we made a crazy quick dash over here last night after work to pick up some fabulous Teak Furniture for the Nursery.
Quiet, leisurely mornings are so rare for Paul and I, this is a total treat. Even if he is working on Nursery stuff at the moment! lol If you know anything about my hubby you know he is never 'not doing something' :)

We are headed back this afternoon but what a nice morning it has been. I am taking some photos and I will post them when I get home. Just saw a seal in the bay following a little boat that was putting out baited crab pots. Those seals are no body's dummies that is for sure. We started getting the 'crab cages' for our crabbing because the seals really like that easy free meal (the little stinkers) and the cages keep the bait inside out of reach. We have had some fantastic crab feeds at Sunset Bay after a day on the bay out at Charleston. Sure hope we get to do that again this year, we have missed a couple of years due to weddings and building our house but we are so ready to play this Summer! :)

I lived in Bandon for 7 years with my family as a child. So I have some really fond memories of this place. I am going to try and get some photos of places I loved as a child. If not on this trip then when we come over with our group this summer. So who wants to come with us?? We camp and feast on Crab, clams,BBQ'd Oysters and fresh caught fish! While I am NOT a clam lover I do like to go clamming and dig those little treasures up. My MIL makes the best clam chowder, I even like it. Not the creamy one but one with a broth base and lots of veggies, YUMMM. Ok now I am really getting into the trip, I had best get it all planned out when I get back or it might slip thru my fingers.

Well it is 9:00and the store will be open so we are headed out, It was fun to watch old Towne wake up and start humming! Later gaters


laura P said...

Oh, let me know, I am always game for a trip to Bandon....

Beth said...

Lucky you Brooke sounds like a great place to get away to.
When you talk of Charleston where is your Charleston?

laura P said...

Be sure and post pics of the baby furniture too

laura P said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, I wondered why you were getting baby furniture?? Nursery.... now I get it !!!heheheheeeee