Tuesday, April 24

Party Central, Justin's Birthday

My two kids, wow seems like they should be about 8 and 11! lol Hard to believe Justin just turned 25. We had another birthday BBQ cause we all love BBQ's :)
The only damper on the day was that we didn't get to have Kaylie and of course everyone was looking forward to seeing her and some meeting her for the 1st time :( We did have beautiful weather all day, even though the weatherman said it was supposed to rain all day! (Thank you Lord)

Lots of Family and friends,our house was packed as usual when we all get together and of course the more the merrier. lol

It was great to see some of Justin's friends all grown up, married with little ones. All the babies were within 3 months of each other. Really cute to see them playing.

Justin started Kindergarten with this little guys Daddy and his Mommy's big brother. What a cutie, they would put to coke can to his mouth (not opened) and he thought he was drinking it! So very proud of himself and so darn adorable!! :)

These two are meeting for the 1st time, Wesley was excited but Jada, she was not so sure. That is until later when she took to toy from Wesley! lol
You know how we girls are, play shy and then when you are not looking we will sneak in and grab what we want! Only Jada didn't sneak! I was totally laughing most of the night!

Jada and Tory on the stairs, man Jada heads up those stairs lickity split. I can see 'baby gates' in our near future with Kaylie!

These cute scalloped frames are a freebie on Lucie's blog: http://lemonaidlucydesigns.blogspot.com/2007/04/alive-and-kickin-and-freebie.html


laura P said...

Looks like fun was had by all !!!! Better get on over and get me some of them frames ...... I am at the collection phase....

PS Carma called and asked me yo do a make n take at the NSBD Crop, said yes

laura P said...

BROOKE !!!! you are getting to be famous in the "digi" world, your photo's are posted on LemonadeLucy's blog !!!!!!
Guess using those frams helped !!
Way to get it out there girlfriend !!!

laura P said...

Ok I do really know how to spell, but it is a little dark in here still and I was excited


Amber said...

Too cute!! Gotta love those kids!!