Monday, April 30

My Weekend of Mowing

You can hardly tell where I mowed in this photo, but believe you me I did! We try and mow our field 3 times a year and the earlier the better. It helps cut down on the star thistle which is a nasty bugger, it is less of a fire hazard and heck it just looks better! lol

So I am out there on the tractor acting like I know what I am doing. ha ha, but I have to say it is quite pleasant just riding that thing back and forth, ya sorta just zone. Well that is until you hit a stinking huge digger squirrel hole/mound and ya really bounce all over. Man that makes your heart pump! Especially for a city kid like me. you can see the area I mowed better in this photo cause the grass is longer on this side of the field.

4 hours on the tractor is about all I can take at one time, seems like it would be a piece of cake but golly you do bounce all over the place!

It does give you a lot of time to think, Tracy Blankenship blogged about the computer spread she is sitting on. I am joining in with her SBG (Scrapper's Butt Group) to get off the computer more and MOVE! I sure wish it was as easy to loose the extra poundage as it is to put it on!! :) Maybe I should mow the field with a push mower! ummmm.......NOT! lol
Happy Monday


laura P said...

When you get out there with the push mower let me know I'll keep ya company , hehehehhh ! I did go to curves tonight !! Whoo whee

my2boys said...

Brooke...I loveeee it! really did go mowing, heheheh!

hey..where in OR do you live? We have (my dh, kids and parents) have thought about moving up.

gorgeous...and you could get a side seat for on motorcycles...and I could ride along with you and chat your ear off, hehehe. blows the whole zoning out thing, though!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Your land is just beautiful. The row of trees remind me of a place we just passed in Central Oregon. It was leading to a lavendar farm...very beautiful.