Thursday, May 10

Are you Crazy

Watching Kaylie look at my Dad (her great-grandpa who my kids call Papa) was so funny! She had her little eyebrows all scrunched up like she just could not believe what he was telling her. And of course 'Papa' was loving the interaction.
It is just amazing to watch this little person develop into who she will be. I think when my kids were growing up I was so busy with 'life' and growing up myself I was oblivious to some of the simple joy of just watching them!
I missed the picture of Daddy Justin laughing so hard he almost had to sit down! I was having a hard enough time getting the pictures, while laughing.
I love these simple 'just life' moments. :)
Credits are:
Shandy Vogt Template - Got Ads
Trish Jones - Live your Dreams
Rhonna Farrer - Snap Shot Elements
Kari Q - hand painted flower
Fonts: Uncapped Vinyl - LB Kerri - KDG Amberscript (Kimberly Geswein)


Debby said...

These moments are what life is all about. She is lovely!

laura P said...

Can I just say "Precious!!"
See ya tomarrow.

amber said...

This is a super cute layout! These pictures just crack me up!!

my2boys said...

lovin all your layouts! wonderful moments and treasures. I hear you!

I love the title can't eat just one, ehehheheh.