Friday, May 11

Our start on 'the Garden'

So here are the photos I said I would post a few days ago, I thought I would get the last 3 boxes planted and show you a finished product! But that will have to wait till this weekend so here is what progress we have at the moment.

Raised beds with wire mesh on the bottoms and
weedcloth underneath to try and keep the Darn Squirrels out!

I have tomatos, 4 kinds - Cucumbers 2 kinds - 1 cantalope - 1 watermelon - lots of varieties of lettucy stuff and banana peppers for Justin. I have no idea what those will be like.

So here is our 1st casuality in the garden caused by those DARN SQUIRRELS! Luckily I had 1 extra super sweet 100 cherry tomato so this didn't totally fry my britches, but close :)

I snapped this shot of my 'Grounds Keeper! lol Dad has been keeping everything mowed close to the house, trailer and motorhome. It looks soooo much better all mowed and I love him for doing it without me even asking! Love you Dad! :)


my2boys said...

looks great! I am so jealous. didn't do it this year or last...the darn white flies devoured a lot of my crop last time...sounds yummy.

and yay dad!!! how wonderful of him

laura P said...

So bring your garden tools on Saturday and you can plant me a Raised Bed" garden !! I have those D#%& ground squirrls too!!

Lucie aka Lemonaid Lucy said...

Nice shot, Brooke!:-) You've done a wonderful job with your garden, so jealous we don't have any yet:-(
Happy Mother's Day to you!