Wednesday, May 2

Betcha can't eat just ONE!

Finally I got in gear and got another layout finished. I love all these photos of our little chewing machine!
Her bottom two teeth just barely popped thru. I hope to catch one of her open mouth gummy smiles soon so you can see the little tiny teeth showing thru.
Well let me tell you DO NOT USE out dated Sunscreen. I think it made me burn worse!! You know I mowed this last weekend, well I also ended up FRIED!! Which is a major bummer in itself but Good Golly I was trying to be good and put on sunscreen for heaven sakes!
That's all for now, I am headed to bed. Just watched American Idol and I called who was going this week. My favorites are all still in the running so it is getting really interesting now.
Credits for the layout are:
Scallop template by Jen Caputo
Gold paper from in 'Memory of Miles' free kit designer Jessica Bolton
Green paper,Lined arrow & Flowers from the Eat your Greens freebie from K Sharon Designs
Page Template from beyond the blueprint at NBP
Fonts: You are loved & Amber Script by Kimberly Geswein
Date stamp from Traci Turchin 2peas Got A Date
Frames from Rhonna Farrar 2peas Snap Shot Elements
Newspaper swirls by Lemonaid Lucy


Kimberly said...

Super cute layout!!!

OUCH on the sunburn!!!!! Yikes!!! :)

crzymom said...

Oh, too bad about the sunburn. Dont'cha just hate it when you do what you're supposed to and you get hit back? lol Kaylie is such a darling! I remember those days!