Monday, May 28

Cool Chickie

Just a quickie, Took this photo a couple of weeks ago. Funny but Kaylie really was not to bothered by her Daddy's Sunglasses. I think I am going to have to find her a cute kids pair!

I love it when someone else does most of the work and you just get to fill in with the fun! lol

I used the Cuddlebug Quik page Album and Silly boy Cuddlebug kit too.

Credits are:

Christine Smith using Shabby Princess Designs

Sande Krieger Borderlines 4 Art Class from 2Ps
And Font:
You Are Loved by Kimberly Geswein


Lucie said...

Hi Brooke! The blogger just ate my comment:-( So here I go again:-)
LOL at the photo, he's sooo cute! Have a similar one of my DD when she was 6 months! Those window planters look great, you're right, they're pretty common here in Europe (not only in Germany:-)) Love the photos of Paul setting them up, it's hilarious! And, wow, the photo with the rainbow is absolutely awesome. How did you manage to catch it?? Hope your son is doing great training his horse:-) And I wish you a great week!


laura P said...

Hey great page. I had a good time with my family and new puppy, who we keep changing her name, for the last hour they have been calling her "MINNIE". I can't seem to remember SADIE. Call her all the "S" names I can think of before I get to Sadie. maybe I can remember "MINNIE" ??

Lucie aka Lemonaid Lucy said...

Hi! It just occurred to me that I haven't told you the name of the church! Well, cathedral, to be precise:-) Yeah, it's the one at the Prague castle and the name of it is St. Vitus. So now you can put it down with your photos:-) Have great day!

Carma said...

This page is as Cool as the little chicky in it. You are rock'n the digi thing friends...

Patty M said...

Man, do they grow fast. She is still a little doll. Great layout. I haven't worked in a scrapbook in ages. Really need to do something about that.