Wednesday, May 23

Window Planters Oh YEAH!!!

Paul finally got a spare minute and put my Window planters up!! YIPEE When we saw these we knew they would be perfect for our house plus it would remind us of our great trip to Europe. Since in Germany they have window planters everywhere!! I have been so excited to get them up so we can enjoy them!! YEE HAW

Here he is bringing them, yep they are pretty darn heavy so this seemed to be the best way to move them. No way were we going to be able to carry them and LIFT them up on ladders! YIKES!
Besides ya know how it is 'Boys and their toys'! lol

A before shot, a beautiful deck but it is just missing something! (plus I am now noticing how much junk we have stored underneath it, ummm....looks like I have some cleaning to do)

How funny is that for a ladder! I swear Paul is part Monkey for the way he climbs around on things. When Amber was about 6 months old I came home from work and he had her in a back pack ON THE ROOF!! I almost had a heart attack, but that is mostly because heights scare the woo hootie who out of me! Paul was totally ok with it and for that matter so was Amber! hmmm now I know why she was so excited to go sky diving! lol

Justin to the rescue!! Paul could not hold the entire planter up and line it up with the screws. No way was I climbing up there! Well someone had to take the pictures, ya right that is why! ha ha Justin, who is just about as comfortable climbing around as his Dad is hopped over the railing and helped is Dad out!

A view from over the railing, man I do love it :) Ok maybe it does not look full and super yet but I am still loving it!

And of course the 'After Shot' I know they will need to fill in a little to really be spectacular, but oh they will soon enough!

Thanks guys, I love them!!


laura P said...

I love them, can't wait to see them in full bloom !!!!

Debby said...

I love your planters! I am getting ready to go buy some more flowers to finish up my planting.I am glad you like the Sassy kit.

my2boys said...

how funnnnnnn brooke! they are great! I really need to get busy with the are inspiring me!

I love the rainbow pic..>i have never seen something like that before!!

Debby said...

Sorry you have to work so hard. We have had rain since friday. It was raining on me when I was buying flowers. I had to go 3 different places and still didn't get what I was looking for. Now they are just sitting there because I am not planting in the rain! Glad you found the calendar, I was going to say it was in the group freebies but I have been getting some complaints about people not being able to get my freebies so I just figured you all would find it.

Trisha said...

They look awesome!!!!

Carma said...

I want to know when you are going to plant that field full of grapes. Your house along with the setting just says grapes...Your flower baskets are awesome. You are the best, and thanks for all the help when I came out to buy my flowers.
Miss you, miss our talks, miss our walks.