Monday, June 18

Happy Birthday Amber

Ok so I jumped the gun with the Father's Day card, but I just could not help myself, so now we need to back up a couple of days!! :)

28 years ago Paul and I brought this tiny little girl home from the hospital. I had a sudden fear, I had no idea how to take care of a baby. My mom came down and Amber spent her 1st night sleeping on my Momma's chest. Mom would bring her to me when she was hungry. It was soooo nice because you know how you are just craving sleep! I was 20 at the time. We figured out our routine and except for a few high school years (whew glad we are past that, hee hee) she has been nothing but wonderful. Totally my best girlfriend. :)

Gram brought over some beautiful flowers from her yard. Nothing like fresh cut flowers to add to the table. I can hardly wait to get some flowers planted in this 'yard' of ours!

We had a BBQ Friday night with family out on our deck, super great weather for enjoying the evenings. This is the only 'group' shot that turned out at all, everyone else was making 'odd' faces or totally blurry! Sometimes I am enjoying the evening so much I sort of forget the photos! YIKES!!!!

Gram is also the queen of baskets. I swear she has a vast storage of baskets in her basement. She stuck in a couple of jars of pickled green beans because she knows we all covet them! Spicy and just a bit hot, oh soooo good.

Amber is such a good sport, I totally missed her blowing out the candles because the door to my camera card was open. So she acted the blowing out again for me, not once but twice!! Lance and Amber are buying patio furniture for their back deck so she mostly got those flat thin envelopes with the green stuff inside to help towards the furniture!
So that's Friday night of our crazy weekend, I will post Saturday later. Kaylie comes tonight so I don't think I will be on the computer much :)


Trisha said...

Yay!!! Happy birthday Amber!!!!!

laura P said...

Ain't Life Grand !!!!!

KJ said...

Love the photos and that view from your back deck... I sometimes wonder if kids of all us scrappers are going to be camera trained - already my two year old totally changes expressions if the camera comes out - and my kids have totally had to blow out candles twice just so I could catch it - thank heavens they are all good sports! :)

Lucie aka Lemonaid Lucy said...

Hey Brooke! Just stopping by to say hello and wish you a wonderful weekend. I see you had a memorable Father's day, so many men around you! I love the photos of Amber's birthday, she's such a sweetheart to fake the candle blowing, it cracked me up! You view from the deck is spectacular, I bet it's your favorite spot:-) take care and enjoy the weekend!

Debby said...

Everyone is right about that view! Happy birtyday to your daughter. Don't ya just hate missing that shot you know WOULD have been great??? I hope you have a nice weekend this week.

Carma said...

OK! first Amber is so CUTE. But most of all I want the flowers, the patio set, the cake, the basket...get the point, I think it looks like the perfect Birthday.

Happy Birthday Amber ;}