Wednesday, June 27

Father's Day (ok I know I am a bit behind) lol

Ok, so I sort of got behind this week! OOPS :) Well finally here are some photos of Father's Day on the Hill. Justin and Kaylie (we were soooo glad to have her) He spends most of his time with her in his arms, Man he loves that little girl. I am so proud of the Daddy he is!!
Blowing on her tummy, she laughs and loves it when he does 'Flying Baby' with her! That little one has no fear :)
She gets to meet Morial for the 1st time. Now Morial was my 1st grand baby, a furry one but I still love her. She is totally spoiled and really only likes a very 'select' few people. None of which are 'little' ones. Justin as you can see kept his hand close, no way in the world Morial would bite but he was not taking any chances!!

Going for a stroll out to see Fleeta (Justin's Horse) Kaylie loves being on the move and she loves going out to see Fleeta! What a cool stroller, a gift from Mark and Jini Danis, good friends of ours.
Here are my 'boys' and my sweet daughter. Her hubby was spending the day with his Dad. Check out that spiffy new shirt we got my Dad for Father's Day. He was chomping at the bit to get out to the Dance!
Paul's older brother John and his wife Cynthia, we work together and still get along, pretty amazing if ya ask me!

And my sweet Mother in Law and Great Father in Law. God sure blessed me with those two! No we don't always agree on everything but for the most we do and when we don't it is just not a big deal. KWIM??


Debby said...

Looks like you had a lot of family there with you. Great pictures, it looks like everyone had a good time. Your son does look like a loving father to that little girl, I bet she is a real sweety.

laura P said...

Sweet Family get together. So happy for you.

The Legacy Lady said...

I still love your porch - you can tell it was a different time of day from your last photos because of the lighting of the hills...Great photos - your family seems like so much fun!

amber said...

Yeah! Kaylie and J are so cute!!