Wednesday, June 13

Just Hanging out with Dad

Some fun photos of Justin and Kaylie, there is nothing he likes more than just spending time with her. Watching how she reacts to 'life' :)

And of course I love watching the two of them, discover things together!

She was just cracking us up most of the day. She has discovered making sounds gets quite a reaction out of everyone so of course it delights her. I can't really describe it but it is a squeal/squeak and at the same time it is a very HAPPY sound! So it always draws smiles out of whoever is close by!!

Justin was letting her smell the roses, but was talking to her about how they have thorns so not to touch them. The 2nd Rose Kaylie smelled she must have thought smelled REALLY GOOD because she decided to try a BITE of it. Hee Hee Justin didn't let her get quite that close but it sure looked like she was READY!!

I popped in randomly to snap a photo (or 20) but pretty much stayed out of his way. He needs time to just be with her, just the two of them. He is hungry for every moment he gets. And we all know just how fast these moments fly by and how quickly they grow.

Credits are:

Kit La Chicka by Jomi van Bekkum

Swass Swirl and Swass Alpha by Shandy Vogt

Font Amber Script by Kimberly Geswein

Inked Edge overlay by Nancie Rowe Jantz


Jill said...

That's a great layout! Love the photos too!

Debby said...

I love your layout. Life is wonderful isn't it.

About my downloads...I was at 4shared and I saw the numbers were up on some files then I thought wait a minute I don't have those up any place. I checked and sure enough they were downloaded today...well crap..I thought I will just get rid of it all! I am trying to start a Heritage kit.. what for I don't know..and messing with that stuff just gets in my way, takes up time....Anyway I do love your layout. Have a good one!

laura P said...

How well we know about "TIME" flying by........
It would be hard to stay in the background, because you don't want to miss a second with her either, Hmmmmm
Wish there was an easy solution
Hey also a "Happy Anniversary to Valley View Nursery, Guess I know where i might find you this weekend

Lucie aka Lemonaid Lucy said...

hey Brooke, just stopping by to see whats new:-) Beautiful photos, I love your LO! And your last post brought a big smile on my lips, just imagined Kylie smelling the roses and trying to bite them:-) She's a cutie.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Carma said...

"Just hanging out with dad" I want to just hang out with you and learn this digital thing you got going on friend. So much for walking lets scrap.